Gift Baskets

28 May

I know many of you who coupon already use all your great freebies to make AWESOME gift baskets for family & friends on holidays & bdays.

But my sis came up with the idea to make gift baskets as prizes for family games…which I think is an AWESOME idea!!! Could you imagine playing poker, Monopoly or Twister for a basket full of chocolate or a basket full of deo, body wash & razors??? Woot Woot, count me in!

So this weekend we’ll be giving it a test run. I’ll be posting pics later on this week to show some of the baskets we made…


Here are a few pics of the baskets from our poker-gift basket prize night this weekend. FYI we had a blast! My sis made 3 baskets, ea with a different theme: dinner for two, breakfast and movie night…they were AWESOME! I made 4 baskets: 2 women’s & 2 men’s. One of the women’s baskets was a household themed basket with cleaning products i.e. lysol, detergent…and the 2nd woman’s basket was a spa theme with revlon beauty tools, body wash, lavendar air freshner kit…The men’s baskets had deo, body wash, peanuts, sunflower seeds, beverages…My SIL didn’t have time to make baskets so instead she brought a McD’s gift card & movie passes!

Sorry for the bad quality of the pics…took them on my phone 😦

This was the dinner for two basket my sis made (notice the cute lady & the tramp card she attached to it!). This basket had the pasta, spagetti & meat sauce can, collander for the pasta, salad tongs, cheese grater, crouton bag & salad dressing for a delicious spagetti & salad dinner for 2!!!

This was the breakfast basket with a pancake bowl, blueberry pancake mix, folgers coffee, poptarts, coffemate creamer & a pack of cereal…YUMMY!!


Our table of baskets 🙂


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