7 Jun

On June 6th I stopped by @ a Target that I don’t usually shop @ because I was in search of the John Frieda hair products since there’s a promotion currently going on where wyb 3 you get a $5 target gift card. The best part of that promo is that this past weekend we got $5/1 coupons to go perfectly with these $5.99 items and there is also a Target coupon on their website for $3/2.


So I found the products at this target after having gone to two other target stores prior with no luck and thought, YAY! I found ’em GREAT deal!


so I thought 😦

After purchasing these items & having to wait for the cashier to fix an error having to do with my change, I thought to myself, “why did I just pay $5.99?”

Well after reviewing my receipt it turned out that one of my $5 coupons rung up at 10 cents!


How could it have gone from $5 to only 10 cents? So I put my receipt back in the bag & decided I would go back in the next day and find out what happened since the store was already closed for the day.

Long story short, I get this nasty attitude from 2 cashiers at the guest services desk telling me that the reason that coupon scanned at 10 cents was because that store’s policy was that you could only use 2 coupons per transaction and that’s why the third rang up at 10 cents….BWAHAHAHAHA…Talk about RIDICULOUS made up NONSENSE!

So the manager got involved and at first he said he’d fix it and he didn’t know why that had happened yada yada yada. But then he scanned the first product and it beeped. So then he looks at the receipt and then looks at the product and then again and again.  So I’m standing there just thinking, What the heck is he doing? Why does he keep looking at the item and then the receipt?

Then the terror started…He looks up at me and says, “this item isn’t on the receipt”.

I told him, Excuse me?

He then says it again, “this item isn’t on this receipt and I’m not giving you money for something that’s not on the receipt!”

And he started to walk away…

I was SHOCKED (to say the least)

I turned around and said what do you mean this item isn’t on the receipt? All the items on that receipt are in that bag…even the bandaids!

His response, “I don’t know where you got those items from but I’m not giving you any money!”

Mind you, I didn’t go in there asking for money as he put it. I went in there wanting to know why my $5 coupon had scanned for only 10 cents and if they could fix it.

I WASN’T trying to return all the items and get all my money back. But in any case, here he was accusing me of trying to bring in items that weren’t on that receipt for what?? To adjust a coupon??? (rolls eyes)

Yeah, so I opened my wallet and I took out my target $5 gift card and I said, “look I even have the target $5 gift card right here, how could these items not be the right items if I even got a $5 target gift card for purchasing those 3 john frieda products and you can take a look at your surveillance cameras and verify that I indeed purchased those exact products!

He then turns around and tells me, “I know how to do my job, don’t tell me how to do my job!”

I said okay then I’ll call target guest relations right now…

I was on the line with someone from target guest relations for almost an hour while standing there in front of the guest services desk. I kidd you not, the entire time the manager is there laughing and smirking at everything I’m telling the representative and he kept saying, “I didn’t say that, I didn’t say that” while doing so. I finally got tired of him saying that and I looked up at him and said, “Excuse me? Are you calling me a liar now? My husband and children and your staff just witnessed the whole thing! They heard everything you said and everything you’re doing and saying right now.”

The rep on the phone was hearing the whole thing and kept apologizing for the manager’s behavior but of course that didn’t make me feel any better. Then the manager took it one step further in an all time low and began discussing my receipt with the guest services cashier. He started telling her,  “see this is why the coupon adjusted to 10 cents, because her total would have been zero if it hadn’t.” Then the cashier started saying, “yeah that’s what I told her…”


Here he was accusing me of trying to bring in items that supposedly weren’t on the receipt and that’s why this whole situation turned ugly but now he’s saying oh it’s because of the coupons and not an “items don’t match the receipt issue??”

So which is it??

I started to tell the rep over the phone what he was saying to the cashier when the manager looked up at me and said, “I wasn’t talking to you! This is a conversation between me and her.”

He actually said that to me! Here he was, talking about me and my receipt to this cashier as if I weren’t even there and then he has the nerve to tell me that when I tell the rep what he’s saying…Ugh, it was awful, just AWFUL!

So the rep assured me that everything I had said to him had been jotted down and that most of these conversations over the phone were recorded for quality assurance, to which I replied, “God I hope so!”

In the end, the manager called a different department instead of the department I had been speaking to and told them that the numbers on the product didn’t match those on the receipt and that’s why he wasn’t going to authorize helping me with my receipt. After he hung up with whomever he was talking to because he didn’t even bother to tell me who he spoke with, he looked up at me and said, “I’m not authorizing it and that’s it.”

He then started to walk off and I said well here’s your target gift card on items you say I didn’t purchase because i won’t be needing it after tonight.

He looked up and said, “Do with it whatever you want” and walked away…

The entire experience was horrid. I couldn’t believe it. But if you know me, then you know that I’m not going to just leave it at that! This man belittled me in front of my family, other customers and his staff. He accused me of trying to bring other items in for my receipt and even after I told him to check his cameras, he wouldn’t get it through his head that perhaps he had made an error when trying to fix my transaction!!!

So the next day I called guest relations again. I asked the rep if she could pull up my file which she did and immediately said, oh, it looks like you had a really bad experience with the manager…Thinking to myself, “DUH! Didn’t get me nowhere by calling you guys though!”

She asked for my receipt # and asked if she could call me back after speaking with merchandising to which I happily said yes. I mean finally somebody was going to look into this receipt!

She called me back within an hour and told me that the reason my coupon scanned at 10 cents was because the purchase had to be at least $5 in order for the promo to kick in. Meaning that if the coupon hadn’t adjusted down then I wouldn’t have received the $5 target gift card. Then I said, well according to your manager, he wouldn’t help me with my receipt because those items weren’t on the receipt. How could that be, if I got a $5 gift card for those items?

She then said well the numbers usually match the numbers on the receipt. So of course you know me! I keep every single receipt because I like to record how much I spend per week and post the cost of what I purchase on my blog. So I asked her if she could hold for a second and ran to my receipt box. I pulled out every single target receipt I had and grabbed all those items out of my stockpile box.

AND guess what?

NONE of the numbers on the receipt matched the upc #s on the products!

I told this to the rep and she said, “oh well they wouldn’t, the numbers that identify the products on target’s system are dc #s which are nine digit numbers and they aren’t the product’s 12 digit upc #….


You can imagine my shock!

Here this so called “manager” who claimed he “knew how to do his job!”,  made me go through this hell because he kept saying that the numbers on the product (pointing at the upc #) didn’t match the target dc #s on my receipt when the upc #s aren’t even what’s supposed to be next to the description of my item on the receipt?!?


I immediately told the rep this and she said, “well as a manager he should know that target dc #s are not product upc #s…”

My reply, “Well yeah! I went through all this because of his incompetence!”

She apologized and I told her that it should be him apologizing not her. Her reply, “i’m sorry but unfortunately we can’t make him apologize, which is why we do it on their behalf. But I can mail you an apology letter and a $3 Target coupon.”

JESUS! I went through all this and in the end they think an apology letter from a rep and a $3 target coupon rectifies everything????

She did also state that she would be forwarding the incident to someone in HR and the main manager of the store but do I see anything happening to this manager???

HAHAHAHA,  I highly doubt it!!

I’ve had one incident before that wasn’t this horrid with a cashier at another store (not target) and after emailing them, I received a call from the head manager of the store the very next day and he was very apologetic and offered to fix the problem if I’d be willing to come back into the store but with Target I just felt like they didn’t really give a damn.

It was more of a, “Oh sorry to hear that and we’re gonna say we’re gonna do something about it, but we really just said it to shut you up…” kind of thing


Truly sad because I was actually starting to like Target and was giving target more of my business than Wally’s!

But after this incident, me and Target will be parting ways…


Oh and I also faxed and mailed a letter to Target Corporate and my sweet dear husband typed up a letter of everything he witnessed and did the same, so this story is…




One Response to “FAREWELL TARGET!”

  1. amy June 13, 2011 at 6:32 am #

    So sorry to hear about your experience at Target. I’ve had issues at target as well but never anything as horrible as what you described. That manager should be fired plain and simple. Hope someone at target finally makes things right for you

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