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30 Jul

If you’re a couponer then you most likely know what these big O’s are! They’re a couponer’s dream!

But if you’re not, well let me explain a little bit about these two 🙂

ONYO is a manufacturer catalina coupon that prints at the register wyb a certain product(s) or a certain dollar amount for that product. You then take the ONYO and use it towards the purchase of items on your next order (hence the abbreviation ONYO).

Overage is when the coupon value exceeds the price of the product. At some stores (like @ fry’s) this “overage” can be applied to other items in your purchase or it can be given back to you in cash if there are no other items in your purchase to apply it to (only @ Walmart).

This week has been a great week of Overage and ONYOs!

I received a $2 ONYO for purchasing three of the crest toothpaste @ Fry’s. The best part was that the toothpaste was free with my .75/1 coupons so I got free toothpaste and received the $2 ONYO

I received overage on my purchase of a playtex toy story bowl and playtex toy story utensil set. I had (2) $3/1 playtex q and the items were priced @ $2.34 & $1.87 (thx for the heads up on the q’s sis! I almost missed out lol)

I applied the overage towards the toilet paper since I’m all out Ahhh and used my $2 ONYO I had from purchasing the crest on Wednesday and ended up paying 96¢ for this

LOVE the BIG O’s!!!!

Oh & I used a $1/1 kandoo (mailed q) to get the wipes free since they’re on sale for $1 @ Fry’s 🙂


29 Jul

I don’t shop @ Safeway. Mainly because the one and only time I went there to get some groceries with coupons, I had a not so great experience. The cashier was friendly but none of my coupons scanned right not even their own Safeway coupons! I spent 20 min in line waiting for the manager to manually override every single coupon…too much of a hassle. Loved getting free steak (yes steak coupons from Safeway), but there really isn’t much I would buy there on a regular basis.

Well this week was a great time to give Safeway a 2nd chance 🙂

32 oz Gatorade came out on sale for 49¢ wyb 10, nesquik single bottles 99¢ w/in ad q, plus I received a coupon in the mail for free ice cream from Safeway and I needed to use some of the O organic $1/1 q’s I received from Mom Ambassador

Well I’m glad I gave it a 2nd chance!


6 bottles of nesquik

10 bottles of gatorade

1 can S&W collection chipotle beans

1.5 qt of ice cream


 Coupons Used

(3) $1/3 gatorade peelies

(6) .50/1 nesquik

(1) .50/1 s&w collection chipotle bean peelie (found on the can)

(1) Free q for open nature ice cream (facebook offer)

TOTAL OOP: $2.33

The best part was that everything scanned perfectly! Smooooth transaction YAY!

I will be going back next week to get some O organic items since I completely forgot to do so on this trip


29 Jul

Last week I posted my recipe for albondiga soup and mentioned that I might try posting a new recipe of mine once a week from now on. So this week I decided to post my recipe for stir fry chicken 🙂

I’m not a big fan of plain white rice and neither are my kiddos/hubby. So I cook my rice in chicken broth for added flavor 🙂 I know there are some stir fry recipes out there with more “extravagant” veggies in them, but I’m lucky if my kiddos eat the plain old regular veggies like carrots & broccoli…hence the lack of extravagance in my stir fry lol

Stir Fry Chicken


2 lb boneless skinless chicken breast

4 whole carrots

2 heads of broccoli

2 cups of white rice

1 cup chicken broth

2 cups water

1 cup stir fry/teriyaki sauce ( I used the kikkoman brand since it was on sale)

1/4 chopped onion

4 mushrooms (optional)

1 tsp salt

2 TBSP vegetable oil (my preference but you could use other type)



Cutting board

Wok or pan

Sauce pan

Measuring cups/spoons


First you wash your veggies then dry them off.

Cut your carrots into small 1/2″-1″ pieces & set aside

Cut your broccoli heads off the large stem and chop each head in half (easier for toddlers to eat)

If you opted for mushrooms then dice each mushroom in half (my fam doesn’t like mushrooms, I do, they win…no shrooms in my stir fry *whimper*)

Dice your chicken into small 1″-2″ strips/chunks, season with salt and set aside

Grab your sauce pan and dump your rice in. Pour in your chicken broth & water and place your sauce pan on low-medium heat. Cover with lid and allow it to cook for ~10 min then simmer for an additional 3-5 min or until all the liquid is gone. Remove from heat and set aside

Place your wok/pan on the stove, set stove to medium heat and add the oil. When oil is hot, add your carrots to the pan & cook them first for a few minutes since carrots take a bit longer to cook than the other ingredients.

After a few minutes, add the broccoli, mushrooms, onion and chicken. Make sure you stir your veggies often so they don’t burn. Cook for 10 minutes then pour your stir fry/teriyaki sauce over all the ingredients and mix together making sure that all your ingredients are coated in sauce. Cook for an additional 2 min then remove from heat and turn off stove.

Plate your rice first then add your stir fry on top and you’re ready to eat!!


Disclaimer: Only adults should be making this recipe as it involves handling a knife, stove and hot food. I am NOT responsible for injury, illness or death as a result of consuming or preparing this recipe…Sorry, but I have to throw this in here since now a days everything seems to need a disclaimer.

Flower Pop Up Card

28 Jul

My kiddo doesn’t go back to school for another week so of course that means another week of me hearing, “Mom I’m soooo bored!”

Last week we made some crayon peanut butter cups and cupcakes, HERE

She really enjoyed that so I started looking online for some other fun activities we could do that she might enjoy doing. I was really happy when I found this online

It took us a couple of tries to get it right but after a few misses, this was our end result

As you can see, we changed the design & color a bit. My daughter had a blast making them and is super excited to give these to her cousins who will be celebrating their birthdays in the next two weeks 🙂


27 Jul

It’s here! Another Wednesday of price matching oober cheap produce @ Wally’s & scoring some great inexpensive groceries @ Fry’s…YAY!

However, today was a tad different. Hubby offered to do a little trip of his own so I wouldn’t have to make a 2nd trip at the end of the week so of course I said YES!

I handed him a small list of items to get for me & sent him on his merry way with my two year old in tow hehe (he did GREAT BTW!)


  Items Purchased

(2) heads of lettuce

1.5 lb of roma tomatoes

3 lb of white rice

(2) 2 lb chubs of 93% lean ground beef

1 dawn liquid dish soap

(2) 48 oz bottles of pinesol

(2) 4 roll pks of angelsoft TP

(2) 64 oz bottles of Old Orchard apple & apple cranberry juice

(2) 3 pks of ivory bar soap

(6) tubes of crest toothpaste


  Coupons Used

.25/1 dawn

(2) $1/1 pinesol + safeway in ad

(2) .50/1 ivory

(2) .50/1 old orchard juice

(4) .75/1 crest (used in 2 separate trans)

(1) $2/2 crest (catalina)

$3/1 kroger/private label e-coupon

$2/1 ONYO (crest)

TOTAL OOP: $8.63 + I have another $2 ONYO for next time*

Oh I almost forgot the trident vitality gum which was 84¢ for 6 pks @ wags with (2) $2/3 q’s

*Crest catalina printed when I purchased 3 tubes @ 98¢ ea so keep an eye out 🙂


25 Jul

Big THANKS to Sheryl @ for the heads up on the $5 Savers coupon in this weeks NEWTIMES here in AZ!!!

I was able to pick these shirts up for my girls for only 24¢ OOP

They had some really cute girl’s clothes…I will definitely be going back again 🙂

Also, thanks for the heads up on the BRU diaper deal! I was able to use my free coupon I received from Mom Ambassador to get a free packet of seventh generation diapers and the “buy one pack get a free pack of seventh generation wipes” just sweetened the deal!

I paid 49¢ OOP


23 Jul

Today was a busy busy day of back to school shopping for my 10 year old daughter

I gave myself a budget of $50 for all her back to school stuff…shoes, uniforms, supplies

Our first stop was Kohls. I received a $10 gift card in the mail from them & a 20% coupon via email. I used them together to buy a pair of chucks that were on clearance for $15.95

TOTAL OOP: $5.20

Then we headed to target because it was right across the street and I had a $5 gift card from there from a previous purchase (a nightmare BTW) and I wanted to use it to get school supplies for my kiddo

She picked out a protractor, school glue & mechanical pencils

TOTAL OOP: $0.00

Next stop was factory 2U & Fallas Parades (both stores are across the street from ea other)

I purchased 4 uniform skorts (skirts with shorts attached underneath) and 6 white uniform shirts

TOTAL OOP: $34.87

Right before heading home after a long hot humid day we stopped by to get a free carwash (text promo from Superstar Carwash) and right across the street was a Walgreens. I’m not a huge fan of Wags but I remembered that Wags had the Expo dry erase 6pk on sale for $5.99 & I had a $2/1 manufacturer q & a $3/1 Wags IVC, so I stopped by

TOTAL OOP: $1.58

Last week I purchased my daughter a CASEIT 3″ zip up binder from for $19.99

It is a really nice binder which includes file folders, pencil case, handle and strap to carry

I received a $25 gift card for from Coffeemate Brew Crew for completing the online activities and paid $0.00 OOP for the binder

I also took advantage of the awesome sale on crayons & notebooks last week at fry’s and purchased 3 notebooks and 1 box of crayons


A few months ago I stocked up on free Kleenex with our $1/1 coupons so a few boxes will be going to her classroom this year

My complete total for everything: $42.42

Under budget…YAY!


23 Jul

As you might already know from previous posts, my 10 year old kiddo can’t wait to go back to school. Just yesterday she was telling me how bored she was and that there was nothing to do…HA! I’m sure a couple of household chores can change that, LOL

But of course it can get boring at home after 2 months and it’s not always easy for parents to come up with new and exciting things for the kiddos to do each and every day!

Yesterday while I was looking at all the cute handmade items on, I came across these really cute cupcake crayons made of melted down old crayons. Now that’s really cool! My daughter has a ton of broken crayons that she no longer uses.

So the next day I helped my daughter make some of these cupcake crayons and let me tell you, they were super easy to make!

First we grabbed all the broken crayons she had and peeled off the wrappers. Then we broke the bigger pieces into smaller pieces and separated them by color (or you could make rainbow cupcakes).

Next we grabbed a muffin/cupcake pan and some cupcake liners, placed the liners in the pan and then filled each liner with crayons (about half full).

I set the oven to 300° and placed the pan inside for 8 min (or until melted). I then took them out and allowed them to cool down. Once cool, my daughter removed them from the liners and had a blast coloring with her new cupcake crayons!

We made one that was made of all brown crayons and it came out resembling a yummy reese’s peanut butter cup! It got me thinking that it would make a really cute gift wrapped in cellophane with a tag around it stating, “Peanut Butter Cup Crayon”. It would also make a great goody bag toy in a candy themed birthday party (HINT HINT to what I’m doing for my girls’ b-day next year lol)

Disclaimer: Only adults should do the baking and handling of the hot contents. I am NOT responsible for injury, illness or death as a result of preparing this recipe…Sorry, but I have to throw this in here since now a days everything seems to need a disclaimer.


22 Jul

I’ve always wanted to do a cookbook full of meals that my mom would cook for us growing up. As most people will tell ya, “No one’s cooking is like Mom’s cooking”.

Unfortunately, my mom doesn’t really follow recipes and she doesn’t measure ingredients. Every time I ask my mom, “how much of this or how many cups of that?” Her response is always, “I don’t know…just a little bit of this and a little bit of that…”

I guess some people were just born to cook YUMMY food

Me — NOT so much

I have to play around with different foods and see what ends up tasting yummy

So far I’ve gotten no complaints from my hubby or my kiddos but it’s definitely a work in progress

Today I thought I’d try something new and write out my recipe for albondiga soup. Perhaps I’ll make this a weekly post of “Cooking is Dandy with Sandy”.

I made some albondiga (meatball) soup last night and it came out Y-U-M-M-Y!!!

Even my 2 year old ate it all up (she kept saying, Mmmm chicken!…she calls all meats chicken lol)

Albondiga Soup


  • 2 lb 80% lean (or higher) ground beef
  • 2 roma tomatoes or 1 large tomato
  • 2 Italian squash
  • 1 gray squash (or you could use just one variety of either squash)
  • 4 whole carrots
  • 4 medium potatoes (white, red or brown)
  • 1/4 of an onion (white or yellow)
  • 3 TBSP salt
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • garlic salt


  • large stew pot with lid
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • large spoon
  • Bowls


  • wash your veggies and peel your onion
  • cut your onion in half and then in quarters, use 1/4 and save the rest for another recipe in your refrigerator in a food bag/container
  • cut your tomatoes in quarter pieces as well
  • cut your squash in half, then cut each half in quarter pieces as well
  • cut the tops off your carrots, then cut in half and then into quarter pieces
  • cut your potatoes in quarter pieces and leave the skin on unless you prefer no skin
  • place the 2 lb of ground beef in a bowl. Add your 1 cup of rice, 2 TBSP salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper and garlic salt. Then mix it all together (I just use my hands…WASHED by the way)
  • make small size meatballs with your hands (should make ~20 meatballs), then set aside
  • Place your veggies in the pot, then add your meatballs on top (so they don’t get crushed)
  • Sprinkle the remaining TBSP of salt over all your ingredients and add water to your pot  until almost full (1 inch from the top, since the veggies will add more liquid to your pot when cooked)
  • Place on medium heat, cover with lid and let it cook for 1 hour (check on it regularly during this time and adjust heat if soup is boiling over)
  • Turn off your stove, remove from heat and allow your soup to cool down without the lid on for about 10 min, then serve

This was my albondiga soup I had last night. I also made refried beans topped with shredded cheddar cheese as a side dish…Mmmmm!

Disclaimer: Only adults should be making this recipe as it involves handling a knife, stove and hot food. I am NOT responsible for injury, illness or death as a result of consuming or preparing this recipe…Sorry, but I have to throw this in here since now a days everything seems to need a disclaimer.


21 Jul

I just noticed today as I was reading through the blogs that I am really blessed to live in a state where produce can be purchased relatively cheap!

As I was reading through a cooking blog, someone mentioned that they paid $4 for a pint of strawberries…WHAT?!?

No way!

But I guess it makes sense when you factor in the weather and the cost of living in other regions

I may not like the horrid heat in AZ (116° this summer) but it sure does help keep the cost of produce down 🙂

Here in AZ we have 3 great stores that offer produce at rock bottom prices: Food City, Pro’s Rancho Market and El Super

These three stores have extra cheap produce sales once a week, on Wednesdays. Usually bananas will be 3 lb for .99, oranges 7 lb for .99, lettuce 3 for .99…I mean WOW!!!

In order to save on time, gas and $$, I usually take the ads for these 3 stores to Walmart and price match them. Unfortunately, Wally’s produce is slim pickings sometimes and I end up having to make a 2nd trip to one of these other stores. Lucky for me, all these stores happen to be within a 5 mile radius of each other

Here’s what I was able to pick up @ Wally’s last night for only $2.45!

The bananas I picked up @ fry’s (a block down from Wally’s) for 12¢ with my $2 produce ecoupon

I’ll be using that Italian squash and some of those tomatoes & carrots for my albondiga soup tonight 🙂