4 Jul

I heart CVS! It’s always super easy to shop there and I’ve never been hassled by cashiers over coupons like @ Wags. BUT ocassionally I do venture into Wags if there’s something free or super cheap that I need that week.

This week I stopped at wags to grab some freap feminine products only to find out they were out of the kind I wanted to purchase 😦 But it wasn’t a total bust! I did find the noxzema bikini razors (will be used on my upper lip peach fuzz lol) in stock so I got 2 which were $2.99 BOGO. So I used (2) $2/1 q and got them free + overage which I then applied towards the wayne’s world double feature (hubby wanted it, ugh hence why I prefer to shop alone) which was on clearance for $2.

Total OOP: $1.45

Then on Saturday I stopped by @ CVS because I received a $5/$25 emailed q from CVS and wanted to use it towards items I had rainchecks for. Plus I got my quarterly ECBs ( 50 cents haha). So I stopped by with $5.50 in hand but was disappointed to find that nothing was in stock yet EXCEPT for 3 bottles of john freida shampoo! WOOHOO! I’d been holding on to those q’s forever.

So I bought 2, used (2) $5/1 q + raincheck ($5 ea + $3 ecb back). I was so excited when I saw that I got back $3 ECB + $1 ECB (for green bag tag) + another $3 ECB (JF $3 ECB for this week as well) + a $3/$15 cvs purchase!

Totally awesome!

Total OOP: .93 cents!

I spent 93 cents for 2 john freida shampoos and got back $7 ECBs + $3 off my next purchase of $15…I was soooo excited that I had to stop by at another CVS nearby and put these to good use LOL

So I did 🙂 I went to another CVS and found the zyrtec 5ct (only 1 left), purchased it plus an 8 pk of bounty basic paper towels, 1 bag of twizzlers, 1 pack of pez (dd wanted it for her hello kitty pez dispenser). I used a $1/1 bounty basic, $1/1 cvs twizzler + .50/1 twizzler, $5/1 zyrtec + raincheck and the $3/$15 cvs q to get all these items for $1.08 OOP! Plus, I got $6 ECB in return for the zyrtec WOOHOO!

So I paid $2.01 for 2 bottles of JF, an 8pk of bounty paper towels, 1 zyrtec, 1 bag of twizzlers and a pack of pez plus still have $6 ECBs for next time and a $5/$25 which expires today…

Hmm, think I might venture back into CVS today! LOL


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