Back to School

11 Jul

Yep it’s getting to be that time…YAY!

(My daughter is already bored & can’t wait to go back)

With back to school comes the back to school spending frenzy!

The most expensive part of it for me are the school uniforms (thank goodness it’s not regular clothes, then it’d be even more pricier!) and shoes (my kid goes through a pair of tennis every few months)

I find that Fallas Paredes and Factory 2 U here in AZ are the cheapest for school uniforms. Shirts start @ just under $2 to about $4, shorts are $3-$6, dresses $5-$7 and pants are $5-$8.

Can’t beat those prices!

For tennis shoes I usually go to Ross. Last year I found a pair of Nikes for my daughter that were only $12. She outgrew them in less than 6 months. So it’s definitely not worth it to pay big $$$ for kid’s shoes…their feet grow sooo fast!

School supplies are always oober cheap @ most stores (walmart, target, staples)…10¢ folders, 25¢ glue, 25¢ crayons…

Backpack deals on the other hand, aren’t always easy to find. To me, anything over $10 for a backpack is expensive but some will opt for a more expensive backpack because they believe it’ll last longer. Well, this isn’t always the case. I’ve never purchased a name brand backpack before. I have always gotten my kiddo whatever backpack is the cheapest and I’ve never had a problem with any of her backpacks. They’ve always lasted her through the entire school year without straps tearing, zippers breaking or material ripping and she packs her backpacks FULL of books and school supplies. Once again, I usually find backpacks relatively cheap in price @ Ross, Factory 2U and Fallas

Something to remember when back to school shopping is that you don’t have to buy everything in bulk all at once. I usually purchase about 5 shirts and 5 shorts/skirts (1 for each day of the week)  and then get her more later on if necessary, but it usually isn’t because then winter starts and I then have to purchase pants and long sleeve shirts. The stores will have another sale right before winter for these clothes. And then again during the spring.

So don’t overwhelm yourself trying to get a year’s supply of school clothes and shoes. Remember that there’s always another sale right around the corner 🙂


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