21 Jul

I just noticed today as I was reading through the blogs that I am really blessed to live in a state where produce can be purchased relatively cheap!

As I was reading through a cooking blog, someone mentioned that they paid $4 for a pint of strawberries…WHAT?!?

No way!

But I guess it makes sense when you factor in the weather and the cost of living in other regions

I may not like the horrid heat in AZ (116° this summer) but it sure does help keep the cost of produce down 🙂

Here in AZ we have 3 great stores that offer produce at rock bottom prices: Food City, Pro’s Rancho Market and El Super

These three stores have extra cheap produce sales once a week, on Wednesdays. Usually bananas will be 3 lb for .99, oranges 7 lb for .99, lettuce 3 for .99…I mean WOW!!!

In order to save on time, gas and $$, I usually take the ads for these 3 stores to Walmart and price match them. Unfortunately, Wally’s produce is slim pickings sometimes and I end up having to make a 2nd trip to one of these other stores. Lucky for me, all these stores happen to be within a 5 mile radius of each other

Here’s what I was able to pick up @ Wally’s last night for only $2.45!

The bananas I picked up @ fry’s (a block down from Wally’s) for 12¢ with my $2 produce ecoupon

I’ll be using that Italian squash and some of those tomatoes & carrots for my albondiga soup tonight 🙂


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