30 Jul

If you’re a couponer then you most likely know what these big O’s are! They’re a couponer’s dream!

But if you’re not, well let me explain a little bit about these two ๐Ÿ™‚

ONYO is a manufacturer catalina coupon that prints at the register wyb a certain product(s) or a certain dollar amount for that product. You then take the ONYO and use it towards the purchase of items on your next order (hence the abbreviation ONYO).

Overage is when the coupon value exceeds the price of the product. At some stores (like @ fry’s) this “overage” can be applied to other items in your purchase or it can be given back to you in cash if there are no other items in your purchase to apply it to (only @ Walmart).

This week has been a great week of Overage and ONYOs!

I received a $2 ONYO for purchasing three of the crest toothpaste @ Fry’s. The best part was that the toothpaste was free with my .75/1 coupons so I got free toothpaste and received the $2 ONYO

I received overage on my purchase of a playtex toy story bowl and playtex toy story utensil set. I had (2) $3/1 playtex q and the items were priced @ $2.34 & $1.87 (thx for the heads up on the q’s sis! I almost missed out lol)

I applied the overage towards the toilet paper since I’m all out Ahhh and used my $2 ONYO I had from purchasing the crest on Wednesday and ended up paying 96ยข for this

LOVE the BIG O’s!!!!

Oh & I used a $1/1 kandoo (mailed q) to get the wipes free since they’re on sale for $1 @ Fry’s ๐Ÿ™‚


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