2 Aug

10.  Free air conditioning (110° here in AZ & my a/c is always on full blast…not cheap!)

9. Free movie rentals (including new releases!)

8. Kid’s summer reading program (coupons & passes for museums, baseball games & free stuff).  It motivates children to read during the summer!

7. Free use of their computers (my dd loves playing the games)

6. Story time (for all ages)

5. Free coupons! (some have grocery item tear pads at the front desk…I found bread & ice cream q’s recently…WOO HOO!)

4. Arts & Crafts programs for children

3. Teen programs (book clubs, movies, games, community involvement…)

2. Educational workshops (including computer, ESL, college and literary)

1. You get to read all the books your ♥ desires…for FREE!


These are just my top 10 reasons why I ♥ the public library, but there are many many more reasons! I highly suggest going to the public library. They have so many wonderful programs & incentives and most are FREE!

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