23 Aug

Sorry I haven’t posted much since last week. My computer and modem were OOC & I couldn’t post from my phone so I took a break from blogging…but I’M BACK!

Last week I made my weekly Wednesday produce trip and scored this for $8.91 OOP


12 powerades: (2 sep transactions) .75/2 (tearpad)

2 bottles of mott’s apple juice: $2/2 (mda book)

1 kandoo bottle of hand sanitizer: $1/1 (mailed q)

1 GUM 2pk of toothbrushes: .55/1

2 loafs of nature’s own bread: .75/1 printable

2 doz large eggs: .55/2

2 lawry’s marinade: .50/1 (mda book)

2 sunny d: .25/1

2 old el paso refried beans: .50/1

1 can spagetti O’s: no q

2 bottles dial hand soap: .35/1

1 pack sargento cheese slices: .55/1 (blinkie)

8 nivea lip care: $3/2

3 six packs of TP: no q, used overage

1 lb roma tomatoes: no q, 4lb/$1=very cheap!

2 lb bananas: no q, 3lb/99¢=very cheap!

2 lb seedless grapes: no q, .79/lb=very cheap too!

As you can see I didn’t purchase a lot of produce but that’s because I still had a bunch of veggies from last week’s trip…


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