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31 Aug


A few weeks ago I mentioned all the neat freebies you could get by signing up on certain websites

Well it looks like all that signing up really paid off for me this month!

 September will be an awesome month filled with parties for my family & friends 🙂

Last week I was emailed by Nestle El Mejor Nido, to inform me that I had been selected to get the birthday party pack for September, WOOT WOOT!!

The party pack includes $150 worth of nestle products:

Last week I also received my party pack from Nestle’s Coffeemate. The theme of the party will revolve around Fall so it’s officially called, “FALL FOR COFFEEMATE”

Although it hardly feels like it’s going to be Fall here in AZ 😦

Also as I’ve mentioned before, my TRASH CANCER Party from partique will be September 17th and I can’t wait to see what is included in that party pack 🙂

And my Kashi pack from Mom Ambassador should be arriving this week…just in time for Labor Day weekend

So as you can see, September will be a busy but FUN month of congregating with family & friends AND eating some yummy food…I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

If you haven’t signed up for these sites, I highly suggest you do!


31 Aug

Do you think you can guess how many cranberries are in this jar??

If so, go to Sierra Mist’s Facebook page and leave a comment under their pic with your guess. If you’re one of the closest to the correct number and selected, you can win a prize!

I posted my guess last week and this week I received a message on FB that my guess was one of the closest!!

My prize: 2 liter bottle of Sierra Mist’s new flavor, Cranberry Splash 🙂

Unfortunately I’m not sure when they’ll be giving out more prizes but it doesn’t hurt to post your guess to see if you’re one of the lucky winners when they get to the next round of giveaways!!

Thanks Sierra Mist!!


31 Aug

This past Saturday I stayed in and did something I hadn’t done in a LONG time…clipped inserts!

I had a stack of inserts about 2 feet high and they went all the way back to February, YIKES!

I was tired of seeing that huge stack of inserts and decided to start clipping away. What I thought would be a few hours of clipping turned into an all nighter…I’m OCD that way. Once I start something I HAVE to finish it!

I clipped and clipped until my 2 foot stack of inserts turned into a 1″  stack 🙂

Unfortunately this left me with a TON of extra coupons that I knew I would not be using before their expiration date or coupons that I knew I wouldn’t use i.e. cat food, no cat hehe

So yesterday after dinner my kiddo and I headed to fry’s & safeway to play Coupon Fairy!

For those not familiar with the term, “Coupon Fairy” it is basically someone who leaves coupons on or near the product for someone else to use 🙂

My kiddo was super excited…she kept telling me, “Mom there’s soooo many! Wow, there’s gonna be a lot of people saving money!” Haha, I hope so!

We left over 100 coupons for all different kinds of items all over Fry’s and the only groceries we bought there were chicken buillion cubes & bagels lol

Then we headed to Safeway where we left about another 50 coupons and got a few more groceries

TOTAL OOP: $2.72

Items Purchased

(3) dulcinea watermelons – .55/1

(3) soft soap – .35/1

(1) carefree pantiliners  – .50/1

(1) jar O organic mild salsa – $1/1 mom ambassador

(1) bag Nature’s Own bagels – .55/1 tearpad

(3) Simply O.J. – .50/1 tearpad

(2) chicken bullion cubes – .35/1

Also had a $1/1 fry’s ecoupon I won from the P & G spin game

So if you’re in the West Valley here in AZ, keep an eye out at your local Fry’s & Safeway!!!