16 Sep

The trash cancer party pack arrived just in time today for our big Trash Cancer Party tomorrow!

The pack included 9 baggies for the guests and each bag had brochures and pertinent info, a water bottle, emergen c sample packs and a seventh generation laundry sample

For the host: folder with toxic chemicals game, brochures/literature, yoga dvd, pop chips, luna bars and baking soda

Can’t wait to share the info and goodies with guests!

Yesterday I received the Nestle Party Pack…

Included in the pack: Book, album, balloon pack, bullion cubes, plates, cups, banner, party hats, Nesquik, large can of Nido and coupons for free nestle drumsticks, hot pockets, juicy juice, coffeemate creamer and digiorno pizza

Two really awesome party packs!

Can’t wait to share with guests 🙂


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