Trip to Fry’s (Last day of Mega & Cheap soda)

21 Sep

Total OOP: $4.71

Items Purchased

  • 3 yoplait yogurt 4 pk
  • 1 lunchables with fruit
  • 1 newtons thins cookies
  • 2 bags boulder chips
  • 1 luna bar
  • 3 chips ahoy snack pks
  • 1 digiorno pizza
  • 4 coke 12 pks
  • 1 juicy juice 8 pk
  • 1 nestle drumstick ice cream (8pk)
  • 3 boxes hot pocket sandwiches


I was going to list the q’s used but most are Free’s & fry’s ecoupons for Free’s (won in the football game) and there’d be no point in listing since they don’t benefit anyone else if they’d like to duplicate the trip 😦 For soda free’s I use mycokerewards points & recyclebank $1/1 coke q’s


2 Responses to “Trip to Fry’s (Last day of Mega & Cheap soda)”

  1. modestmoon September 21, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    I won the Newtons too but my dumb frys doesnt carry them

    • MOM22RN September 21, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

      My fry’s has them for $4.79…OUCH! I would NEVER pay that for them and they’re so good! I got them for free from CVS too and the cranberry ones are YUM so I was happy when I won them from fry’s too LOL

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