CVS Super Awesome Diaper/Air freshener Deal!!!

26 Sep

Woo Hooty Woot!!!

I’m super excited about the awesome deal I got at CVS this past week on diapers and air fresheners

2 weeks ago the red CVS machine spit out 2 coupons: a $5 ECB for the beauty club rewards program (guess I had gotten up to $50 in beauty products hehe) AND a $10 off $50 purchase coupon

At the time I was like, Uh what? When am I gonna spend $50 on anything at CVS?? Even before coupons???

But I saved it anyways lol

Well good thing I did!

Shortly after, CVS had a great deal on the airwick freshmatic kit: $4.99-$4/1 freshmatic= 99¢

Plus, if you spent $20 (before q) on these, then you got a $10 ECB

Well if your CVS is anything like mine, they only put out like 8 or 10 of these on the shelf and they don’t restock until after the sale is over. But what I ♥ about CVS is that they issue rainchecks that don’t EVER expire and you still get the ECB (well most of the time…I’ll explain further)

So of course when I went to get this deal, I had to get a raincheck

Fast forward to this past week…

CVS had Slip on diapers on sale 2 pks/$18 plus you got $10 ECB when you bought $25 worth and we had $3/1 coupons for these diapers…Woo Hoo!

PERFECT time to put that $10/$50 coupon to good use!

This is the scenerio I did:

Bought 4 airwick kits, 1 pantene shampoo, 3 packs of huggies slip ons

Airwick: $4.99×4 (raincheck price)= $19.96

pantene: $3.49×1=$3.49

Huggies slip ons: $9×3=$27.00

Total: $50.45

Used the $10/$50 cvs q first

then (4) $4/1 airwick, (3) $3/1 Huggies slipons and (1) Free pantene (mailed q) and $5 ECB (beauty club q)

TOTAL OOP: $8.76

The best part is that this made packets number 4,5 and 6 and at CVS they have this great promo going on right now that if you purchase 6 pks of diapers you get the 7th packet FREE!

Plus I got $10 ECB for purchasing the 3 packs of slipons!

Unfortunately I did not get the $10 for the airwick raincheck because I was a measly 4¢ off the spend $20 get $10 ECB deal 😦

Had I done that deal during the week of the sale, I still would have gotten the $10 ECB because it gives you the $10 ECB even when you’re a few cents off (as much as 10¢ off) But I learned the hard way that this isn’t the case when you do it with a raincheck 😦 Oh well…Now I know for future deals

I’m still pretty happy with the transaction overall: 4 pks huggies slipons, 4 airwicks (already put up in the rooms) and 1 pantene for $8.76 and I have $10 ECB to use for more TP! LOL

FYI: the free huggies pack coupon prints out at the CRT machine 48 hours after you purchase the 6th pack 🙂


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