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2 Oct

Early this morning, Hubby got up & headed to the dollar store to get my Sunday newspapers!

When he got back he was all excited, “Guess what? All the papers I got had the 5 inserts you wanted!”


I wasn’t hopeful that the Playskool insert would be in the paper & sure enough it wasn’t so I wasn’t disappointed since I had already forewarned hubby that it probably wouldn’t be in there 🙂

So I got to clipping the $8/2 covergirl q’s & the suave BOGOs and put together my q’s for a fry’s/TJ trip

However I wasn’t really in the mood for getting ready & going shopping…tons of laundry to do!

So I asked hubby if he wouldn’t mind doing the trip for me if I wrote a list out of what q’s to use & items to buy…His answer: NO WAY!

So I sweetened the deal: 30 min massage tonight before bed??…BINGO!!

He happily agreed and even took our girls with him!!

1 and a half hours & 5 phone calls later haha, he gets home with all the items pictured and only paid

$4.46 OOP!!

He did very well!! Even if he did call me every 20 mins hahaha


(4) suave for kids shampoos – (2) .50/1 (recyclebank) & (2) BOGO

(2) clorox2 pens – (2) $1.50 clorox2 (printable)

(1) 30 ct Hefty trash bags – $1/1 any hefty (peelie)

(1) transformers action figure – $5/1 transformers (mq) + $5/1 transformers target mobile q

(2) carmex – (2) .30/1 carmex

(4) covergirl blush – (2) $8/2 covergirl face product

(4) covergirl sponges – (2) $8/2 covergirl face product

(1) whisker lickins – $1/1 target q

(1) loaf fry’s bread

(2) doz fry’s large eggs – no q, used overage

(1) 3 lb chub 85/15 ground beef – no q, used overage

$5/$35 fry’s purchase e-coupon

Target gift card ($2.98 balance on it) free from Denizen on FB

Hubby’s on a roll today!! He did great so I may give him an hour massage instead LOL


2 Oct

I ♥ CVS!!

This week I was emailed (2) $4/$20 CVS coupons…WOO HOO!


CVS has a great ECB promo/sale on gain & tide liquid/powder detergent this week:

Gain/Tide: $5.44 ea & spend $30 get $10 ECB (puffs tissue included @ 99¢)

The best part is that CVS also offered $2 ECB on FB this week when you pledged to stop being a $$ trasher LOL


Our quarterly ECBs were issued today (I got 50¢)

Phew!!! That’s a whole lotta ♥ from CVS this week!

So this is the scenerio I did to get the items pictured above for

$3.78 OOP

& got back

$10 ECB

5 Gain x $5.44 (2 sep transactions since q states 4 like q’s per trans)= $27.20

3 Puffs x 99¢ = $2.97

Total: $30.17


$4/20 CVS

(5) $2/1 Gain powder (4 in 1st trans & 1 in 2nd trans)

(1) $1/1 puffs (mailed q)

$10 ECB (that I received last week from slip on deal here)

50¢ ECB (quarterly)

$1 ECB (green bag tag)

$2 ECB (CVS FB offer this week)

TOTAL OOP: $3.78 & $10 ECB for next time!

FYI: I found out tonight after calling 6 different stores, that CVS discontinued carrying the small size of Tide powder so if you’re using the $2/1 gain/tide powder q’s & were hoping to get tide, don’t waste your time/gas driving around from one CVS to another because they don’t carry it anymore (false advertisement!) But oh well still a great deal for Gain detergent 🙂