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5 Oct


HA! It’s Produce Wednesday but I didn’t buy any produce lol

I got tons last week so this week I went to Wally’s to price match Health & Beauty items

Albies’ ad this week is awesome if you need H & B items

I was down to my last bottle of shampoo…YIKES!! Don’t know how that happened


TOTAL: $4.56 OOP




  • (10) nivea lip care – $3/2 nivea (do note that the q states 1 per trip, but you can ask to split transactions. I fortunately got a great cashier @ wally’s that preferred I not do multiple trans since as she put it, “it actually takes more time doing multiple transactions”, so I was able to use my 5 q’s in one transaction and used the overage toward the rest of my items) But YMMV with this q 😦
  • (8) pantene – $3/2 pantene
  • (4) always – $1/1 always
  • (4) tampax – $1/1 tampax
  • (4) old spice deos – $1/1 old spice
  • (4) clairol balsam hair dye – $2/1 clairol (these I couldn’t find @ wally’s so I got them @ food city which is right next door and they adjusted the q’s down to $1.99)


It was a really great trip to Wally’s 🙂 Especially since I got a really nice cashier that uses coupons herself…