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20 Oct

So this was me this past week^

Not really but I really wanted to LOL

My computer & all its accessories are “old” by today’s standards (2005 computer)

and this past year it’s been giving me big time hints that I need to get a new one…

2 computer crashes, disk drive failed, modem died, printer died, mouse on the fritz (actual pic of my mouse…I know, AWFUL! But it’s the only way it would work LOL)

and finally…My keyboard went OOC

So guess what I’ll be shopping for on Black Friday??

In the meantime I’m using spare parts (purchased at Goodwill) because it makes no sense to buy a new mouse & keyboard when I plan on purchasing a complete computer in a month đŸ™‚

So far, so good

The best part is that I can go back to blogging again!

I really haven’t done much shopping these past 2 weeks (the sales ads have just been blah!)

I did do the wisk deal at CVS and I stopped by at Fry’s for the first time in about 3 weeks to use my breathe right q’s to get some baby wipes (all out)

Unfortunately, Fry’s just isn’t on my A+ list anymore with their blah ads and to make things worse they tried to tell me I couldn’t get overage (eyes roll) when I did finally make a trip there

Even when I showed them (cashier & front manager) the policy they made the call to the store manager. Which was fine by me because I knew I was right and the store manager there is really nice & knows the policy pretty well (just wish he’d pass along the knowledge to the rest of the staff)

Luckily it was an easy call. She asked if they allowed overage, he told her “yes, as long as the overage is applied to other items” and she did as instructed.

I got 4 packs of wipes, 10 breathe right trial packs, 3 mentos gum and 3 suave deos for around  $1.50

Not an exciting trip, just a necessary one since my kiddo goes through wipes like crazy…doesn’t help that she likes to take ’em all out of the box, cleans the walls with them & then tosses ’em in the trash :\

If nothing else breaks on my computer (fingers crossed), I will be posting my recipe of the week tomorrow…YAY FRIDAY!!!