26 Oct


That means oober cheap fruits & veggies!

This is what I purchased today for a total oop of:




Items Purchased

4 lb bananas – 4lb/99¢

2 lb roma tomato – 3lb/99¢

2 lb plums – 3lb/99¢

4 lb italian squash – 5lb/99¢

6 ears of corn – 6/99¢

1 lb brown onions – 8lb/99¢

1.85 lb yams – 3lb/99¢

1 lb broccoli – 2lb/99¢

1.5 lb loose carrots – 5lb/99¢

2.5 lb red apples – 2lb/99¢


I ♥ having an EL SUPER store nearby!

Their produce is really cheap & their express lanes are open 99% of the time which is great for me since I’m only shopping for produce —in & out in a quickness 😉

This trip was done at EL SUPER & Wally’s down the street


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