5 Dec

November was a SUPER busy month for me and December I’m sure will be the same but I had to chime in to say “HI!” and to give an update on some of the things I’ve been up to this past month!

So I’ll start where I left off– my empanadas!

I haven’t forgotten about posting the recipe…just haven’t had the time…

But I WILL post soon 🙂

I had sooo much pumpkin left over that I made more empanadas and a pumpkin cake (which was very yummy!)

This year hubby and I did black friday and it was quite an experience!

He has very little patience so a large crowd of people definitely didn’t help but overall he did really well 🙂

We were able to get everything on my list including our chest freezer which means more room for stocking up!!!

Black Friday also marked the day of my couponing anniversary!

That was the day my sis convinced me to head on over to thecentsableshoppin.com and start saving, saving, saving!!

We had a great Thanksgiving day and after finishing up our yummy meal, us gals headed to wags (2nd year in a row) for their AWESOME toy deal! All $9.99 toys were BOGO and they’re really great toys!

My mom works for a non profit organization that has a Thanksgiving and Christmas program for people in need. For the past two years we’ve been purchasing the toys for the Christmas program at Wags except this year there were no sponsors so my mom decided to use her own money to continue with the program. Believe me, she made her $$$ stretch with that sale!! She was able to purchase over 60 toys with the money she intended to spend for the program.

Wags also came through this year by allowing us to purchase as many toys as we needed for the Christmas program, even though the ad stated there was a limit of 4…so thanks to the Walgreens manager and employees who helped us take all those toys down from the top shelves!!! The staff at Wags on 51st ave & baseline in Laveen, AZ is AWESOME!!!

This past month I also celebrated my 30th Birthday 🙂

No big bash or anything over the top…just cake at home and a yummy birthday lunch at one of my favorite restaurants; Comedor Guadalajara…oh and hubby took me to see Breaking Dawn!!! WOO HOO!!!

I have done very little couponing (haven’t even purchased a sunday paper for over a month) but there is one deal in particular that I was super excited to do and of course it was at my fave store: CVS

First I stopped at CVS to get me some FREE glade and FREE TIDE by doing the scenerio below:

Bought 4 tide at $5.94

Bought 2 glade @ 99¢

Used $5/$25 Cvs q

Used (4) $2/1 tide

Used (1) $2/2 glade

and paid with $5 ECB (beauty club), $3 ECB (birthday gift from cvs beauty club)

Total: $3.95

Then transaction #2:

Bought 1 tide @ $5.94

Bought 2 glade @ 99¢

Used $2/1 tide

Used $2/2 glade

Total: $4.68

Paid $8.63 OOP and received a $10 AMEX gift card since all these items were part of the spend $30 get a $10 gc

YAY for free detergent and air freshner!

Then I headed to wally’s where I price matched el super for the bounty basics paper towels @ 77¢ each

I purchased 5 rolls, used (4) 25¢/1 bounty and (1) $1/1 bounty (mailed fb q) and paid $2.21 for 5 rolls

Before heading home I stopped at Fry’s to get my free tombstone pizza!

I purchased: 3 tombstone pizzas, 2 bags hot pocket snackers, 2 doz large eggs and 8 oz shamrock sour cream

Used (2) tombstone free q, (1) tombstone $1/1 q, (2) hot pocket free q, 50¢/2 eggs q, 25¢/1 any shamrock peelie and a $2/$10 worth of frozen food items fry’s catalina

Total OOP: $1.70 and I got back a $2 ONYO for the tombstone so everything was FREE!!

The following week I headed to albies and safeway

I did the wyb 8 deal at albies and purchased 4 kraft snack packs @ 49¢ ea, 1 coffeemate creamer, 1 jet puffed marshmallow paste and (2) 16 double roll packs of charmin

I used (2) $2/1 charmin blinkies and a free coffeemate q (coffeemate brew crew)

Total: $13.14

I used my $10 AMEX gift card I received at CVS and ended up paying only $3.14 OOP!!

YAY for oober cheap TP!!!

Then I headed to Safeway where I purchased (2) boxes CTC cereal, 3 kc masterpiece bbq sauce, 4 pillsbury grands and O organic tea (not pictured) for $3.91 OOP

That CVS deal really gave me the most bang for my buck! Now I have plenty of TP and detergent to last me a few months! LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and having a great time with their fams

The next few weeks I will be focusing on baking and arts & craft activities that I like to do with my kiddo for Xmas

Hopefully I get the chance to post a few of them

I look forward to posting my mom’s recipe for tamales! Every year my sis and I help her make them but we still don’t know exactly what goes into them so this year I plan to pay CLOSE attention and write it down…they are SOOO yummy!! And I’m not just saying that because they’re my mom’s tamales…I’ve tasted tons of tamales…all sorts of flavors/varieties and my mom’s are truly the BEST!


One Response to “WHAT A MONTH!!!”

  1. divaofdelicious December 5, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    I just had to stop at your gravatar…the tootsie pop owl…LOVED him! Then I was amazed by your blog,..then 4 Tide @$5.94…This just keeps getting better. Nothing wrong with stocking up for the winter for cheap. I’ll be back for some tamales.

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