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Fry’s Mega & Price Matching @ Walmart

25 Jan

Today was the 1st day of fry’s Mega sale and I was lucky in that hubby had the day off soooo off we went to see what we could find 🙂

FRY’S Items Purchased & Q’s Used

6 kleenex – .50/1 kleenex cool touch & $1/3 kleenex (got back $1.50 ONYO)

(2) welch’s essentials – .75/1 welch’s essentials

(3) edge shave gels – .55/1 edge

(3) fruity pebbles – .55/1 fruity pebbles (watch these q’s because they don’t auto double @ fry’s)

(2) grape nuts flakes cereal – $1/1 grape nuts flakes

1 uncle ben’s rice – $1/1 uncle ben’s cat printed @ fry’s

(2) 16 slice kraft cheese – .55/2 kraft

1 gallon kroger orange juice – no q but part of mega @ $2.99

(2) 4 pks activia – $1/1 activia (cat did not print wyb 2, oh well)

(1) pine cleaner – .25/1 printable

(5) breathe right – $1.50/1 breathe right (.50 overage on each)

TOTAL: $14.54 (used fry’s gc given to me for the excedrin)

OOP: $0.00

WALMART Price Matching

3 lb bananas – 3lb/99¢ pros

1.5 lb green seedless grapes – 97¢/lb albies

5 avacados – 5/.99 pros

1 doz large eggs – $1 albies

10 lb bag potatoes – $1.99 pros

32 oz jar strawberry preserves – no pm

TOTAL OOP: $8.67

My total for everything was $23.21

Thanks to the fry’s gift card I received for returning the recalled excedrin, I paid $O @ fry’s & have a $1.50 ONYO for next time 🙂

$20 Shopping Trip

17 Jan

After a week and a half of being sick I finally decided to brave the grocery stores to make a much needed trip for fruits/veggies & bread

Both my upright & chest freezers are stocked with chicken, ground beef & all kinds of meats


I stocked up on milk and eggs the week before I got sick

So it was nice to not have to worry about going grocery shopping for a while

However, this trip was a tad different due to recent events (diagnosis of pre-diabetes)

I have been procrastinating when it comes to my health & unfortunately it has caught up to me 😦

The doc told me that if I want to nip it in the butt before it becomes full blown diabetes, I need to make drastic lifestyle changes

…including food choices, exercise and weight loss!

Of course there’s this huge “myth” out there that people who coupon ONLY buy junk food and there are NO coupons out there for “healthy” foods…

Well after a year of “hardcore” couponing I have to say that’s absolutely untrue!!

Yes it is a tad more difficult to spot coupons for “healthy” foods but there are also a ton of other places you can get these coupons besides inserts & online printable sites

You can write a letter/email to companies asking for coupons. Many times companies are more than happy to send you coupons for free product or discount

You can also visit that company’s website/fb page

Sometimes they will have some sort of online coupon to print

You can also join groups that offer samplings & coupons for “healthy” or organic products i.e. greenmomsmeet

Also, places like recyclebank & mambo sprouts offer some good coupons for “healthier” foods from time to time

And if you just can’t find a coupon for a specific item, use that coupon overage to buy these items 🙂

Here’s what I got on this trip

TOTAL OOP: $20.16


Please keep in mind that I still have to grocery shop for my entire family not just myself so I did get items that aren’t all that good for you lol

Items Purchased & Coupons Used

3 lb of bananas – no q

2.5 lb red apples – no q

1 eggplant – no q but pm el super (2lb/99¢)

1 lb broccoli – no q but pm el super (2lb/99¢)

4 cucumbers – no q but pm food city (9 for 99¢)

2 lb large tomatoes – no q but pm pros (4lb/99¢)

1 lb strawberries – no q but pm pros (89¢)

1 box hot pockets – $1/1 hot pockets (fry’s catalina) & pm albies 3/$5

3 powerades – .50/1 powerade (fry’s catalina) & pm safeway 69¢

2 rayovac flashlights – $1/1 rayovac flashlights

1 reach floss – $1/1 reach

1 tube hydrocortizone cream – no q

2 (16 oz) tubs of shamrock lowfat cottage cheese – 50¢/2 shamrock

2 boxes whole grain barilla pasta – .50/2 barilla whole grain

1 bottle J & J head to toe wash – $1/1 j & j

1 tube chapstick medicated – .25/1 chapstick

2 pouches starkist tuna – .50/1

1 single shamrock chocolate milk (keep kiddo happy) – .25/1 shamrock peelie

2 (12 oz) packs bar-s bacon – no q

1 pepporoni & roasted garlic private select pizza – free ps fry’s q (thanks sis!)

1 bottle wp organic coffee – $1/1 wp coffee (ugh wish I had brought more of these q’s w/me)

2 (6pks) Zevia soda – free zevia qs (moms ambassador)

1 box MP mac n cheese – free with $1/1 target q

1 loaf MP white bread – no q

1 loaf Nature’s Pride whole wheat bread – no q

8 oz bag low fat mozarella cheese – $1/1 mp cheese target q

2 (4 pks) activia light yogurt – $1/1 activia + $2/2 activia target q

Tomorrow I’m making an eggplant lasagna which looked really yummy online

I’ll let you know if it tasted as good as it looked!!


CVS Hair Color Extravaganza!!!

11 Jan

So when I went and did the CVS cash card deal on Sunday, I noticed that a lot of the hair dyes were on clearance…like seriously on clearance (50-75% off). But I didn’t have all my q’s with me and I kept thinking “Eh, do I really need to spend on this??” AND “I can’t really roll my cash card into these to get something else the following weeks…”

Or so I thought!!

Sheryl over at had some awesome readers tell her about the clairol (specifically the nice n easy color blend) generating a $2 ECB and the clearance l’oreal still generating a $10 ECB wyb $25 worth

Well then I couldn’t resist because I had all the necessary q’s and CVS emailed me a $5/$25 beauty purchase q for being a member of their beauty club

Woot Wooty Woot Woot!!

I headed on over there tonight and purchased the following:

(1) loreal feria

(3) loreal root rescue

(3) loreal excellence to go

(2) clairol nice n easy root touch up

(2) clairol nice n easy foam

(1) clairol nice n easy color blend

Coupons used: $5/$25 cvs q, $2/1 loreal, $5/2 loreal, $3/1 clairol foam, $1/1 clairol

TOTAL: $7.21 (used the $10 cvs cash card I got here)

got back $12 ECBs ($10 for loreal & $2 for the clairol color blend)

and have a leftover balance of $2.79 on my CVS cash card!!!

I just can’t stay away from CVS hehehe…

CVS —rolling over your cash card and ECBs

8 Jan

This past week I did a CVS deal that yielded me $9 ECB and a leftover cash card balance

I was really excited to see All detergent as part of this week’s cash card deal so I thought it’d be a good time to roll those ecbs and cash card balance for a sweet deal on All

I was even more excited when I saw sheryl over at post a great find on All oxiactive for $1 after the $1/1 q

Unfortunately I’ve been sick as a dog since Friday morning (daughter’s been sick since last weekend & of course I caught it) and I wasn’t about to go out in this nippy weather to make it 10X worse 😦

So even though I really wanted to put on my slippers & throw my hair up in a bun and head on out to see if my CVS carried this detergent, I decided not to and fell asleep semi-early so that I could do my scenario in the morning…if I felt better 🙂

Well I woke up feeling somewhat better (my body wasn’t aching now) and headed on out to CVS

I was glad to see that my CVS did indeed have a spot for the $1 All detergent, but unfortunately the shelf was completely empty…Oh well 😦

There’s always another good deal around the corner right??

So I did the following scenario (which had to be improvised since there were only 4 rembrandt items left on the shelf):

(2) rembrandt toothpastes $3.99×2

(2) rembrandt mouth rinse $3.99×2

(3) All liquid detergent $4×3

(1) coke 12 pk $3.34

Total: $31.30+ tax

Coupons used: (2) $5/2 rembrandt printables

(3) $1/1 All detergent

(1) free coke 12 pk (mycokerewards)

$9 ECB & $1 ECB (green bag tag)

Total: $7.63 and used my leftover cash card balance from this past week to pay a whopping

72¢ OOP and got back a $10 cash card to use on my next CVS trip!!!

Gotta LOVE CVS!!

Sadly, I don’t see a lot in the next two week’s CVS ads so I think I’ll hold off on the CVS trips for the next couple of weeks unless there’s some sweet unadvertised finds 🙂

Glade Party Pack has arrived!!

8 Jan

The fedex guy came a knocking on Friday and I was so ecstatic to see it was my glade party pack from

It includes: glade reusable bag, magnet pic frames, glade expressions diffusers, glade expressions spray, over 30 $2/1 glade expressions kit coupons, lots of post its, notepad and literature about the new glade expressions scents

I can’t wait to share this party pack 🙂

Out on the town for $7

4 Jan

Hubby heads off to work super early in the morning, 3:45 am to be exact 😦 At around 8: 45 am I hear someone opening my front door…scary!

In walks hubby…phew! I guess someone at his job made an oopsy at work (broke safety protocols) and everyone got sent home for the day. So he got to play hooky for the day and we headed out for a day of shopping at almost every store imaginable lol

First stop, Walmart

Purchased: 6 nivea lip care, 4 up2u gum pks, 2 cans muir glen tomato sauce, 2 boxes ziploc bags

Coupons used: 85¢/1 muir glen, $3/2 nivea, $1/1 up2u and $1/2 ziploc

TOTAL OOP: $1.02

2nd stop, Fry’s

Purchased: 1 tide 50 oz, 18ct pk tide stain release, 3 speed stick deos, 2 old spice deos, 2 febreze set n refresh, 2 covergirl eyeshadows

Coupons used: $2/1 tide, $2/1 tide stain release, 75¢/1 speed stick, $1/2 old spice, $1/1 febreze eq & mailed q, $2.50/2 covergirl


$4 off purchase fry’s ecoupon

TOTAL OOP: $6.10

3rd stop, CVS

Purchased: 3 pantene shampoo/conditioner (clearance @ $1.57 ea)

Coupons used: $3/2 pantene & $1/1 pantene (pampers booklet)

TOTAL OOP: $1.15 (paid with CVS gc I got here last week)

I was super excited when the cashier handed me my receipt with $6 ECB on it!!

I guess the clearance pantene is also generating the ecbs wyb 3

I received a $5 ecb for taking a survey sent by CVS on Monday so I decided to roll the $5 & $6 ECB to purchase:

2 oral b battery toothbrushes, 4 nivea, 1 coffeemate powder creamer & 2 snickers chocolates

Coupons used: $3/1 oral b, $3/2 nivea, free coffeemate q & $11 ECB

TOTAL OOP: $2.10 (paid with CVS gc again)

Got back $9 ECBs & have a remaining balance of $6.75 on my CVS gc

Can’t wait to roll these ECBs & balance next week 🙂

4th stop, Bashas

I don’t shop at Bashas because it’s too far from my home. I don’t even receive an ad for it in my mail…that’s how far it is


I received a $25 gc for my bday and decided to head on over there since we were already out and about on our frugal shopping spree ;0

O-M-G was I disappointed 0_O

Just about everything I was interested in purchasing was waaaaayyyyy too expensive for my liking

Just an example: ziploc bags 20 ct $4.XX

GEEZ they were in the $2.XX range at wally’s!!

8 pk bounty paper towels: $10.XX

Currently $5.99 @ Fry’s

So I went the store brand route and purchased: 12 pk toilet paper, 8 pk paper towels, 75 sq ft aluminum foil, measuring cups (kiddos use them to play with so I needed a new set as I can only find 1 now) & 2 colgate toothpastes

Coupons used: 75¢/1 colgate (free with q because they’re currently $1)

TOTAL: $20.XX (paid with bashas gc)

Highly doubt I’ll be going back to use that remaining balance 😦

Last & final store, target

Once again I was really disappointed with target

Their shelves were wiped clean of all the Xmas stuff and their toy clearance wasn’t really impressive either

I did manage to get a free box of market pantry mac n cheese! LOL

Also, if you’re looking for squinkies, there were a ton on clearance. The 6 pks were $3.XX and the 4 pks of CARS 2 squinkies with ramp were $1.50…Not a bad price if you’re looking for Easter basket fillers 😉

After leaving target we noticed a Starbucks right next door so we headed on over to use the 2 $10 gc my sis gave me for Xmas…that cheered us back up!!!

At the end of the day, I spent $7.12 OOP and had a blast playing hooky with hubby 🙂



1 Jan

Hope everyone had a safe & wonderful new year with family and friends!

I had a great Christmas and New Year because I got to spend it with the people I love the most and we were all ringing in the new year healthy and in good spirits!

I know I haven’t been posting that often due to the busy busy busy holiday season


I did manage to take a few pics of the things I was working on during this time

and I wanted to share a few of them

One of them was the cute sock cupcakes that Sheryl posted over at

I really liked these for stocking stuffers and I was lucky to find a ton of these socks at the 99¢ Only store for 99¢ of course…

They had them in both kid and adult sizes and all sorts of cute prints including my fave…polka dots!

I modified the cupcake liner by using scrapbook card stock since I had a ton leftover from my abundant scrapbook making days supply

& this is how they turned out

I gave them to the girls & gals in my family to keep their toesies warm while on our Christmas trip to Sedona

Before we left on our Christmas vaca, I also had a ton (well only 4 but it seemed like a ton with all the gift wrapping & other stuff I had going on LOL) of gift baskets to make for my daughter’s teachers (yes plural since she has a different teacher for every subject ugh)

I only had time to take one pic but I liked this gift basket the most because it was just meant to be!

I had been accumulating all the items that went into this gift basket throughout the entire year and when it was time to come up with “manly” gift baskets, I didn’t have to really think about what would go into it. Of course this gift basket would have easily worked for a female as well but I already had a ton of girl items for the female teachers so I’m glad this worked for the male teachers 😉

The basket included Coffeemate powder creamer, Nescafe coffee stick pack, Coffeemate coffee mug, Coffeemate coffee spoon, Coffeemate powdered creamer sticks and a box of Nonni’s biscotti. Everything in the basket I got for free thanks to Coffeemate Brew Crew and the Nescafe party pack I received last month. The only thing I paid for was the basket…$1 from Dollar Tree 🙂

For those wondering about the cello wrap, I buy it online from

I usually get the 500’x40″ clear cello roll for around $27 and it lasts me about 2-3 years and I make a ton of baskets with it (over 100) during Valentine’s because my sis and I sell vday baskets and have been doing so for about 6 years now

It’s A LOT cheaper than buying a single roll at the dollar store for each basket. Especially if you want to make several baskets during the holidays and as bday gifts 🙂

I started off the New Year with a super awesome shopping trip to my fave store…CVS to get in on some oober cheap Charmin TP

I’m not a fan of this brand of tp but my husband and kiddos could care less so I stocked up for them 🙂

I did 2 transactions

Trans #1: 4 charmin 9 roll pks

1 soft scrub cleaner

Used $5/$25 cvs emailed q, (4) $2/1 charmin blinkie q’s & free soft scrub q (facebook offer)

Paid with $6 ECB

Total OOP: $4.72

Trans #2: 2 charmin 9 roll pks

Used (2) $2/1 charmin blinkie q’s

Paid with $3 ECB (quarterly ecb that printed @ the red machine)

Total OOP: $4.XX (sorry tossed receipt)

My total OOP was $9.XX and I got back a $10 cvs gift card…LOVE FREEBIES!!!

We’re definitely stocked up on TP for a while 🙂

Then I headed on over to Fry’s because we were there the night before and I noticed the P&G sale tags and was excited to see that old spice body wash would be 49¢ with the q’s we got today. Plus I had a BOGO old spice bodywash q from the pampers booklet I got a few months back so I couldn’t pass up such a great deal 🙂

While I was there I also noticed that the 6.4 oz colgate was 4/$5 so only 25¢ after the q we got in today’s inserts. I don’t usually pay for toothpaste but this is the only toothpaste my dad will use & I believe he’s down to his last box so I got him 1

My fry’s also had most of their febreeze, glade and airwick holiday scents on clearance and I just happened to have the $1/1 febreeze q that was mailed to me a few months ago so I got the set & refresh for 24¢ after q

I was planning on using that q for the febreeze air effects spray that is part of the P&G sale (only 49¢ after the q) but I quickly realized that I probably shouldn’t spend money on air fresheners since I got selected to host the Glade house party this month…super excited about this house party!!!

My total OOP: $4.63 but I used the P&G gift card that I received as a rebate purchasing all that free + overage covergirl a few months back so Free…once again, LOVE FREEBIES!! As a bonus, 2 cats printed out at checkout: 50¢/1 powerade (free since they’re only 79¢ right now) and a free poise liners hehehe

Speaking of covergirl, it is also a part of the P&G sale and I found the eyeshadow for $1.55 and today we also got a $2.50/2 covergirl products q in the p&g insert so only 30¢ ea wyb 2…SWEET!! Not free but definitely a good price if you want to start up your gift basket stockpile 🙂 The face puffs, pencil sharpener and eye shadow brushes were also $1.55 so there’s several items you can stock up on for gift baskets and hopefully there will be another P&G rebate that includes covergirl items so SAVE those receipts!!

I started off the new year with 2 awesome shopping trips and I hope it’s a sign that we’ll start to see better grocery ads this year and will have lots of super awesome deals to look forward to 🙂