CVS Hair Color Extravaganza!!!

11 Jan

So when I went and did the CVS cash card deal on Sunday, I noticed that a lot of the hair dyes were on clearance…like seriously on clearance (50-75% off). But I didn’t have all my q’s with me and I kept thinking “Eh, do I really need to spend on this??” AND “I can’t really roll my cash card into these to get something else the following weeks…”

Or so I thought!!

Sheryl over at had some awesome readers tell her about the clairol (specifically the nice n easy color blend) generating a $2 ECB and the clearance l’oreal still generating a $10 ECB wyb $25 worth

Well then I couldn’t resist because I had all the necessary q’s and CVS emailed me a $5/$25 beauty purchase q for being a member of their beauty club

Woot Wooty Woot Woot!!

I headed on over there tonight and purchased the following:

(1) loreal feria

(3) loreal root rescue

(3) loreal excellence to go

(2) clairol nice n easy root touch up

(2) clairol nice n easy foam

(1) clairol nice n easy color blend

Coupons used: $5/$25 cvs q, $2/1 loreal, $5/2 loreal, $3/1 clairol foam, $1/1 clairol

TOTAL: $7.21 (used the $10 cvs cash card I got here)

got back $12 ECBs ($10 for loreal & $2 for the clairol color blend)

and have a leftover balance of $2.79 on my CVS cash card!!!

I just can’t stay away from CVS hehehe…


One Response to “CVS Hair Color Extravaganza!!!”

  1. modestmoon January 11, 2012 at 2:17 am #

    dont give any to mom cause she was selling some at the sale

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