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1 Feb

So yesterday I headed to Wags to fill a prescription because once again I am sick. First it was a cold & pink eye. Second week, ear infection & tonsilitis. Now it’s the flu…WHEN WILL IT STOP!?!? UGH 😦

So anywho…

The pharmacy wasn’t going to be able to fill my prescription until the next day


I felt like dog poo so I left and headed next door to CVS

But before heading there I noticed the snickers chocolates were in stock and since I never leave home w/o my barney bag of q’s…

Used the $1/2 mars valentine q & got 10 of them for a shiny dime 🙂

Then I headed on down to CVS where they said “Give us 20 min. & we’ll have your prescription ready!”


So what did I do while I waited???


2 glade s&s, 1 glade fabric refresher, 2 pantene shampoos & 6 speedstick deos

$3.97 OOP & got back $11 ECB

I don’t know what I was thinking because if I would have thrown in another item for around $1.50 I could have used my $5 ECB and paid less OOP!!

Oh well, I blame it on flu mentality hehehe

So today I was feeling a tad better & hubby had the day off so we headed on down to fry’s for round 2 of the mega

Items Purchased & Q’s Used

2 grape nuts flakes – $1/1 grape nuts flakes

3 post fruity & cocoa pebbles – 55¢/1 pebbles (keep an eye on these because they don’t auto double)

3 ragu – .50/1 ragu

1 ICBNB – .50/1 ICBNB

1 goldfish chocolate crackers – no q (kiddos ♥ these)

1 bumble bee premium light tuna – not part of mega but free with the 50¢/1 fry’s catalina

5 breathe right pks – $1.50/1 breathe right (.50 overage on ea)

4 brawny paper towels – raincheck + $1/1 brawny (12¢ overage on each)

2 shamrock light sour cream – 99¢ manager’s special so free with .50/1 shamrock sour cream/cottage cheese q

1 xtra pine – .25/1 pine printable

5 wholly guacamole pks – $1/1 wholly & $1.50/1 wholly

Keep in mind that the wholly guac q’s  say “1 per trans” so YMMV on whether your cashier will

let you use more than 1 per transaction. But it doesn’t hurt to ask!

OR split transactions…

My total OOP @ fry’s: $4.74

Just a heads up, my fry’s had all different brands of detergent on closeout including tide, wisk, cheer, gain & green works (which had $1.50/1 q’s attached to it)


CVS had select sizes of 32 ct packs of pullups @ 75% off for $4.xx

I had a $2/1 pullups cvs q print out @ the red machine when I scanned my card & there’s currently a $2/1 pullups MQ so under $1 pullups!

IF you can find them in stock…my store was wiped clean 😦