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Quick trip to Wally’s

17 Feb

I stopped by to deposit some $$ for bills @ the bank inside Walmart and couldn’t resist looking around the store for some deals

I did a quick looksy around the store and ended up with this

3 lb bananas, 1 optimus prime kreo, tub of lysol wipes and 6 pks up2u gum

TOTAL OOP: $1.01

Hubbster was waiting in the car. As soon as he saw the bag he just gave me that look, nodded his head and said, “I knew it!”

LOL I just couldn’t resist. Think I should have left my barney bag in the car ;0

Target Clearance 98¢ Star Wars Helmets

17 Feb

A few weeks ago these were on clearance @ target for $9.98

At the same time, Target had put out a $5/1 star wars helmet printable coupon on their website

I really wasn’t feeling it even @ $5 oop with this coupon so I held on to my q’s in hopes of a better deal


Here’s that deal!!!

Yesterday hubby and I stopped by @ target to look @ their vday clearance items (didn’t find anything & their candy was only marked down 30%), so I headed to the toy section and YAY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!! these were clearanced down to $5.98!!

Of course I had my barney bag of coupons with me so I got two for only 98¢ each + tax

For those who haven’t printed these, I believe they’re still available to print

Might be worth the trip to Tarjay 🙂

*Keep in mind that YMMV since clearance does vary by store