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30 Mar

This past week has been a very busy week for me

I have 2 daughters and they have back to back bdays

Today was my youngest’s bday and my eldest had her bday 4 days ago

So I’ve been running around all week like a chicken with my head chopped off trying to get everything ready for this double bday party


We’re doing a CANDYLAND themed party

That means TONS of candy and candy themed decorations

There are quite a few projects that I’ve taken on to make this a true candyland party

With only a few days left, I’m starting to think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!!

Here’s a few of the things I’ve made/done so far

(These are not the actual items I made. I found these pics on pinterest & did my own version of these for our party…will post actual pics afterwards)

chocolate tree

candy table centerpieces

(I added some more items to mine)

Needless to say, I have done very little coupon shopping this week (except to buy some candy lol)

I’ll post pics of the party decor some time next week


22 Mar

TOTAL OOP: $0.00


I hadn’t been to CVS in a while, or at least it seemed like it’d been a while lol

As most of you may know, I ♥ CVS

I’ve NEVER had a problem with my coupons or cashiers giving attitude

ALWAYS super nice staff and they give out rainchecks that never expire!!

WHAT’s not to like?! hehe

I did two transactions on this trip

Trans #1: I started off with $5 ecb and my $10 cvs cash card I received here

Purchased: 3 carefree – $1/1 carefree

2 suave deos – .75/1 suave deo

6 suave bodywash – b2g1 free suave bw q

Used $5 ecb

Total: $3.09 (paid w/cash card) + got $4 ecb back for suave

Trans #2: I started off w/$4 ecb & $6.91 cash card balance

Purchased: 2 zhuzhu pet toys – no q but $1 each

3 pks bic razors – $2/1 bic

1 pk gillette razors – $2/1 gillette

1 pk daisy razors – $2/1 venus or daisy razors

(2) 48 ct cvs wipes – $2/2 cvs wipes (store q) printed @ bottom of receipt

3 clean & clear acne face products – buy 3 save $10 cvs q (bottom of receipt) + $1/1 c &c mq

Used $4 ecb

Total: $3.41 (paid w/cash card)

Still have $3.XX balance on my CVS cash card to use for next time 🙂

I was super excited to see the razors on clearance for under $2 @ my local CVS since we recently got a ton of $2/1 razor coupons…may want to check your local CVS for clearanced razors

PRODUCE WEDNESDAY fry’s & wally’s

21 Mar

Another Wednesday of price matching produce @ Walmart & my third and final mega @ Fry’s 🙂

TOTAL OOP: $19.51

THE GOOD: It was ALL good actually, no bad or ugly…YAY!!! The cashier @ walmart was a fellow couponer. We were talking about the coupons I was using and she couldn’t believe all the cup of noodles were free with those nissin qs we got this past Sunday. She was excited about the cheap angel soft TP and said she was going to stock up on that 🙂 The customer behind me also joined our conversation and we started talking about all the different websites you can print coupons from. Very pleasant trip to Wally’s 🙂 Fry’s was a quick in and out trip except for the part where hubby insisted we get a rotisserie chicken & beans for a quick lunch when we got home since we hadn’t eaten lunch yet…bad idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach lol



24 pk pepsi – $2/1 pepsi multipack (fry’s booklet) pm el super

24 pk angel soft TP – .45/1 angel soft (pm pros ranch)

9 cups nissin soup – $1/3 nissin

1 head of lettuce – no q (pm el super)

2 lb apples – no q (pm el super)

2 strawberries – no q (pm pros ranch)

2 lb broccoli – no q (pm el super)

3 farmer john’s sausage – $1/1 fj (pm sw)

1 bag no yolks – .40/1 no yolks

1 clorox bleach – .25/1 clorox

2 tubs country crock butter – .60/1 cc (received another $1.50 ONYO)

2 red hot – .50/1 red hot

2 sunny d – no q

1 dannon light & fit – $1/1 dannon

1 activia – $1/1 activia

1 can refried beans – no q (not pictured – eating w/our rotisserie chkn)

1 rotisserie chicken – (2) $1.50 ONYOs


19 Mar

I know, I know lol

I just can’t seem to stay away from Safeway

It’s truly a ♥, hate relationship 😉

But I couldn’t pass up 12¢ fruit snacks & I ran out of ground beef 😦

I had a $5 off $15 coupon & a $2.50 ONYO that printed out on my last trip (shown here)

Used these 2 q’s to get everything pictured for:

$5.09 OOP

And everything went super smooth @ checkout!! YAY!!!


6 simply lemonades (2 trans) – .50/1 simply

1 o organic tea – $1/1 o organic

4 ocean spray fruit snacks – .50/1 os

4 lb 93% lean ground beef – used $5/$15 + $2.50 ONYO

FRY’S MEGA round 2

18 Mar

TOTAL OOP: $3.42



I was not expecting the country crock ONYO so it was a welcome surprise!!

Maybe a new catalina??

Either way it was a good trip because all the shelves were fully stocked, I was able to grab some got2b products and this put me at 100 fuel points for 10¢ off gas…hey every little bit helps right??

Especially with these crazy gas prices!!!


2 tubs country crock butter – $1.00/1 cc

3 smart balance milks – $1.50/1 smart balance

4 got 2 b – $3/1 got2b

3 kens dressing (9oz) – $1/1 ken’s dressing

1 clorox bleach – .25/1 clorox

2 french’s mustard – .30/1 french’s

(2) 22 oz bottles suave shampoo – .50/1 suave printable

Just a few words about…USING COUPONS CORRECTLY

15 Mar

I’ve never really talked about this topic simply because it’s been my experience in the past that if someone is going to use a coupon incorrectly, there really isn’t much a stranger can say over a computer that will make said individual stop using coupons in that manner

SAD but true 😦

When I first started my couponing journey, there were very few couponers

Extreme Couponing wasn’t even around


most stores didn’t even have “official” coupon policies in place

Boy have things changed since then…2010

Just about every day I can find posts or pictures of people using coupons incorrectly to get items free or dirt cheap

and contrary to popular belief, this type of couponing DOES AFFECT us ALL in the couponing community

and NOT in a good way 😦

Checking out @ the register now takes 10-20 minutes as cashiers go through each and every coupon with a magnifying glass!!

Stricter coupon policies are being put in place

and coupons are continuously being updated to prevent such coupon use

For example: the new 2 bar code system, stricter limits on # of q’s per transaction and shorter expiration dates

Not to mention the fact that good coupons are now harder to find

It seems like most of my inserts have the same frivolous coupons week after week

The good coupons are now printables with 1 print limits

So the point of this post is to make people  aware of the impact that incorrect coupon use can and is having on other couponers

Example: This week I got my RP insert in the mail as usual and in it was this coupon

If you read the coupon, you can clearly see at the top that it states “$1 off any 2 Mars Easter products”

But if you look closer, theres some fine print below the pic (I circled it)

It lists the mars Easter products that you can use this coupon for

I tried to zoom in but the words still came out blurry so I’ll just write out the items it lists:

“M&Ms chocolate candies, M&Ms brand minis chocolate candies, Minis mix variety bags, 3 musketeers, Twix minis, Snickers minis, Milky Way minis, Dove silky smooth eggs brand”

Unfortunately this entire week I’ve been seeing a ton of posts/pics of people buying 10, 20, 30+ of the individual snickers eggs and milky way eggs @ walgreens

I believe these are 2/$1 right now at wags so they’re getting them free with this coupon

However, neither of those chocolates is listed on this coupon 😦

Now,  have I said anything to those I see posting their pics and are providing people incorrect information?


Why not?

Because after all this time couponing, I have yet to see a single person who has been informed of their incorrect coupon use say

“Hey you’re right! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll be taking these back to the store  since I now know I used my coupons incorrectly.”


Instead, they go on the defensive and say they’re being attacked and a mob of people jump in to defend the action

Seriously, this is what happens about 99% of the time

Once again, SAD but true 😦

I believe it’s the same as stealing from the store but alas others will beg to differ

There are those who simply don’t read the coupon in it’s entirety (honest mistake)

That is not what i’m talking about here because I do understand that errors in couponing CAN happen

It’s what most (not all) but most people do after they’ve discovered the error that is disappointing to me

Anywho 😉

Thanks for letting me vent(?) a little because after a few years it does tend to irk you to see things like this every other day

Will it stop me from couponing?


I’m going to keep doing my own thing and continue to share my adventures in couponing with you

I just hope that some of what I’ve posted this past year has been of some help 🙂


14 Mar

As you can see, I had a lot of grocery shopping to do today!

Did a 3 stop shop @ fry’s, Safeway & El Super

TOTAL OOP: $25.82

Wanted to try something new by posting the good, bad and ugly parts of my trip…basically how my trip went when using coupons, onyo’s, catalinas, scanning issues, out of stock items…etc, etc

So here it goes 🙂

THE GOOD: I got kashi 7 grain waffles for 49¢ after q, the clorox 2 pens were $2.09, the bags of doritos were fully stocked @ safeway & were only $1.19 after q and I received both a $2.50 ONYO for the clorox wipes & a $5 off $15 cat @ safeway

THE BAD: the shelf was completely wiped of welch’s grape juice @ my safeway @ 9:00 am (luckily hubby found a small end cap with 4 juices left on it), both of the $3/1 all & clorox 2 qs beeped @ the register and the cashier questioned whether it would only work on liquid detergent (fortunately the cashier just pushed them through, but be aware that these may cause a problem for some with less um “friendly” cashiers)

THE UGLY: As always, the new barcode q’s never scan at safeway so a cashier tried to tell me it wouldn’t go through because it exceeded the cost of the item. How she came to this conclusion is beyond me. It was a manufacturer coupon that I found in a booklet @ fry’s about a month ago. It is for $1.50 off any 2 clorox wipes products OR 2 glad containters. Clearly since the wipes were $2 each I would still end up paying $2.50 for 2 but she kept arguing that she could only give me $1 off of 2…HUH?? I tried to explain but she kept arguing so I finally said, “I’m not going to argue, please call a manager.” So what did she do?? Of course, pushed it through at the value of the coupon…just awful how even when you prove them wrong and they know what they’re saying is absolutely bonkers, they hate to admit they’re wrong!! Totally expected from Safeway though…it never fails 😦

Hopefully giving you a little run through of my highs and lows will help you prepare for your trip 🙂


1 doz eggs – 99¢ sw iac

1 gallon milk – no q

2 gal arrowhead h20 – no q

3 cucumbers – no q

3 lb tangerines – no q

2 lb bananas – no q

nature sweet cherry tomatoes – 99¢ sw iac

1 jar vlasic pickle spears – .75/1 vlasic

2 cans bumblebee tuna – $1/2 bumble bee (recyclebank)

2 clorox 2 pens – $3/1 all + clorox 2

2 packs all detergent – same as above

1 box kashi waffles – $2/1 kashi (recyclebank)

1 pk huggies slip ons – FREE q (bzzagent)

4 clorox disinfecting wipes – (2) .50/1 clorox 35 ct + $1.50/2 clorox wipes (booklet found @ fry’s last month)

2 clorox wipes (to go pks) – $1.50/2 clorox wipes (booklet from fry’s)

1 loaf of bread – no q

3 pks dannon light & fit yogurt – .50/1 dannon light & fit

4 bags doritos – $1.69 sw iac + .75/2 doritos

(3) 64 oz bottles welch’s grape juice – $1.99 sw iac + $1/1 welch’s juice

1 O organic tea – $1/1 O organic product

6 bottles simply oj – .50/1 simply juice (wags diabetes book)

$2.50 ONYO (received wyb $9 clorox)