Fry’s & Target

1 Mar

Made a trip to fry’s with the intention of getting some simply oj for the girls but alas the shelves were wiped out of oj 😦

Oh well, raincheck!!!

Plus they ♥ the raspberry lemonade & that was fully stocked

TOTAL OOP: $1.64


1 bottle tide – $2.50/1 fry’s ecoupon

6 simply rasp lemonades – .50/1 any simply (wags diabetes mag)

(2) 6 pks zevia soda – free zevia q (mom’s meet q)

2 chocolate silk – .55/1 silk

3 ajax – .35/1 ajax

1 yogurt – no q

1 gallon milk – free milk wyb 3 bkfast items (fb offer)

2 bottles welch’s natural jelly – .55/1 welch’s + $1/1 welch’s target q

$2 ONYO (from daytona mega last week)

The best part was I found some freebies on the ground in the parking lot of both fry’s and Target

At fry’s I found a $1.50 ONYO & at Target I found a red gift bag

Who would toss free $$$???



2 Responses to “Fry’s & Target”

  1. modestmoon March 3, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

    I’d be most excited about the gift bag lol

  2. MOM22RN March 7, 2012 at 6:04 am #

    LOL you can expect this bag to go around & ’round like that scooby doo bag 😉

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