14 Mar

As you can see, I had a lot of grocery shopping to do today!

Did a 3 stop shop @ fry’s, Safeway & El Super

TOTAL OOP: $25.82

Wanted to try something new by posting the good, bad and ugly parts of my trip…basically how my trip went when using coupons, onyo’s, catalinas, scanning issues, out of stock items…etc, etc

So here it goes 🙂

THE GOOD: I got kashi 7 grain waffles for 49¢ after q, the clorox 2 pens were $2.09, the bags of doritos were fully stocked @ safeway & were only $1.19 after q and I received both a $2.50 ONYO for the clorox wipes & a $5 off $15 cat @ safeway

THE BAD: the shelf was completely wiped of welch’s grape juice @ my safeway @ 9:00 am (luckily hubby found a small end cap with 4 juices left on it), both of the $3/1 all & clorox 2 qs beeped @ the register and the cashier questioned whether it would only work on liquid detergent (fortunately the cashier just pushed them through, but be aware that these may cause a problem for some with less um “friendly” cashiers)

THE UGLY: As always, the new barcode q’s never scan at safeway so a cashier tried to tell me it wouldn’t go through because it exceeded the cost of the item. How she came to this conclusion is beyond me. It was a manufacturer coupon that I found in a booklet @ fry’s about a month ago. It is for $1.50 off any 2 clorox wipes products OR 2 glad containters. Clearly since the wipes were $2 each I would still end up paying $2.50 for 2 but she kept arguing that she could only give me $1 off of 2…HUH?? I tried to explain but she kept arguing so I finally said, “I’m not going to argue, please call a manager.” So what did she do?? Of course, pushed it through at the value of the coupon…just awful how even when you prove them wrong and they know what they’re saying is absolutely bonkers, they hate to admit they’re wrong!! Totally expected from Safeway though…it never fails 😦

Hopefully giving you a little run through of my highs and lows will help you prepare for your trip 🙂


1 doz eggs – 99¢ sw iac

1 gallon milk – no q

2 gal arrowhead h20 – no q

3 cucumbers – no q

3 lb tangerines – no q

2 lb bananas – no q

nature sweet cherry tomatoes – 99¢ sw iac

1 jar vlasic pickle spears – .75/1 vlasic

2 cans bumblebee tuna – $1/2 bumble bee (recyclebank)

2 clorox 2 pens – $3/1 all + clorox 2

2 packs all detergent – same as above

1 box kashi waffles – $2/1 kashi (recyclebank)

1 pk huggies slip ons – FREE q (bzzagent)

4 clorox disinfecting wipes – (2) .50/1 clorox 35 ct + $1.50/2 clorox wipes (booklet found @ fry’s last month)

2 clorox wipes (to go pks) – $1.50/2 clorox wipes (booklet from fry’s)

1 loaf of bread – no q

3 pks dannon light & fit yogurt – .50/1 dannon light & fit

4 bags doritos – $1.69 sw iac + .75/2 doritos

(3) 64 oz bottles welch’s grape juice – $1.99 sw iac + $1/1 welch’s juice

1 O organic tea – $1/1 O organic product

6 bottles simply oj – .50/1 simply juice (wags diabetes book)

$2.50 ONYO (received wyb $9 clorox)



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