22 Mar

TOTAL OOP: $0.00


I hadn’t been to CVS in a while, or at least it seemed like it’d been a while lol

As most of you may know, I ♥ CVS

I’ve NEVER had a problem with my coupons or cashiers giving attitude

ALWAYS super nice staff and they give out rainchecks that never expire!!

WHAT’s not to like?! hehe

I did two transactions on this trip

Trans #1: I started off with $5 ecb and my $10 cvs cash card I received here

Purchased: 3 carefree – $1/1 carefree

2 suave deos – .75/1 suave deo

6 suave bodywash – b2g1 free suave bw q

Used $5 ecb

Total: $3.09 (paid w/cash card) + got $4 ecb back for suave

Trans #2: I started off w/$4 ecb & $6.91 cash card balance

Purchased: 2 zhuzhu pet toys – no q but $1 each

3 pks bic razors – $2/1 bic

1 pk gillette razors – $2/1 gillette

1 pk daisy razors – $2/1 venus or daisy razors

(2) 48 ct cvs wipes – $2/2 cvs wipes (store q) printed @ bottom of receipt

3 clean & clear acne face products – buy 3 save $10 cvs q (bottom of receipt) + $1/1 c &c mq

Used $4 ecb

Total: $3.41 (paid w/cash card)

Still have $3.XX balance on my CVS cash card to use for next time 🙂

I was super excited to see the razors on clearance for under $2 @ my local CVS since we recently got a ton of $2/1 razor coupons…may want to check your local CVS for clearanced razors


One Response to “CVS”

  1. modestmoon March 25, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    Mike bought like 40 zhu zhu items lol

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