CVS great deal on Wisk

10 May

(I apologize for the bad pic quality…taken on my cell)

This weekend I stopped by @ CVS

I hadn’t been there in a while

Mostly because I hadn’t received any coupons from them

I usually like to do deals with a $5/$30 or $3/$15 cvs coupon that I get via email

But it’s been at least a month since I was last emailed one of these, hmm wonder why?

I did however receive 2 cvs nivea lotion coupons in the mail last week with samples attached so I decided to use them & the nivea $2/1 mq to get a sweet deal on nivea lotion

I got $5 ecb back and used it to do this deal above

2 wisk detergent (bogo this week): $8.99 -(2) $2/1 wisk

2 mitchum deos: $1.99 ea – (2) $1/1 mitchum + (2) $1/1 any deo (cvs q)

2 colgate total: 2/$5 -(2) .75/1 colgate total (la voz q) -(2) $1/1 any toothpaste (cvs q)

minus $5 ecb

Total OOP: $2.96 & got back $7 ecb

$2 ecb for colgate and $5 ecb for purchasing $50 in beauty products (beauty club reward)


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