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Possibly FREE Cortaid *CVS*

30 Jun

Heads up!! This great coupon printed out of the red machine @ CVS tonight. Hopefully it’ll print out for you as well!!


27 Jun

Today I did a 2 stop shop @ Fry’s & Walmart

It was the first day of the Fry’s Daytona mega event (Buy 10 save $3 + $2 ONYO)

I wanted to stock up on hefty bags since my hubby takes his lunch to work every day & I go through a lot of bags when I separate & deep freeze our chicken/beef

I was really surprised to find an entire display full of hefty bags…hmmm @ only 19¢/box I thought they’d be gone for sure (there’s a lot of couponers in my area)

The soda is a smokin’ deal as well @ only $1 per 12 pk (if you purchase dr. pepper)

Two transactions @ Fry’s & a small trip to Walmart for produce —

TOTAL OOP: $30.63 & $2 ONYO


1 seedless watermelon – no q ($1.77 pm sw)

10 ears of corn – no q (10¢ ea pm albies)

10 lb bag of potatoes – no q (99¢ pm el super)

1 jar Mt. Olive pickles – .75/1 mt olive ($1 fry’s)

(3) 12 pks dr pepper – $1/1 dr pepper ($1 fry’s)

(1) 12 pk coke – Free coke (

(3) bayer – $3/1 bayer (free +.62 MM ea @ fry’s)

1 gatorade – no q (used as a filler)

2 boxes M & Ms – .50/2 M & Ms tearpad (.20 ea fry’s)

(6) huggies wipes – .50/1 huggies wipes ($1.09 ea fry’s)

(5) pull ups wipes – .75/1 pullups wipes ($1.19 ea fry’s)

(6) boxes hefty freezer/storage bags – .55/1 hefty IP (19¢ ea fry’s)

(2) bottles felippo berio ev olive oil – $1.50/1 felippo evoo IP ($3.64 ea walmart)

1 gallon milk – no q ($1.57 pm albies)

1 box popsicles (not pictured) – .75/1 popsicles fry’s e coupon (13¢ fry’s)

$2 ONYO from transaction #1 @ fry’s



26 Jun

If you’re new to couponing, one of the first questions you may have is , “How do I organize my coupons??”

There are several different ways to organize your coupons and there is no right or wrong way to do so…the right way is the one that works for YOU!

Below is a list of some coupon organization methods that are popular amongst couponers:

  • Binder
  • File box
  • Coupon bag
  • Envelope
  • Accordion file folder
  • Photo Album
  • Coupon clutch

When I first began couponing, I tried the accordion file folder method

I labeled each tab according to grocery category: dairy, frozen foods, produce…collated (clip multiple inserts at once) my inserts, separated the coupons into grocery categories and threw them in my accordion folder

The problem I had with using this method is that once I got to the grocery store, it was super time consuming to have to look through each category to find the coupon I needed


I found it took quite a bit of time to collate all my inserts

Soon after trying this method, I switched to a hybrid method, using both my accordion file folder and individual ziploc bags with envelopes (at the grocery store) inside to separate coupons I would need for that specific store. I also stopped collating all my inserts & began clipping only the coupons I thought I’d use

There were two things I didn’t like about this method

  1. The envelopes ripped & fell apart fairly quickly
  2. I would miss out on deals (clearance items/unadvertised) because I didn’t clip all my coupons

 Then I received a super wonderful gift from my hubby for Valentine’s day

An accordion file box

(my sis gave me the bumper sticker hehe)

I decided to use this box to file my inserts according to date

Now, I only clip the coupons I think I will use and

 keep the box in my car, just in case I find a good deal at the store…walk outside in a jiffy & grab the insert I need 🙂

I still use the envelope method for each store but I “upgraded” it a tad

I now use these awesome Avery PocketTabs

I received 2 packets of 5 for free from Avery during two of their Facebook giveaways

I really like them!

They’re durable, clear (so I can see my coupons), have an adhesive back (in case I wanted to stick them on the inside of a binder/folder and have tabs that I can label with the name of the store it pertains to

They’re really inexpensive if you were to purchase them: less than $5 for a pk of 5 @ Walmart

Here’s what mine look like

I toss them into my summer tote and head on out to do my shopping…super easy & convenient for me

I used to keep my grocery list & that particular store’s coupon policy in each pocketTab but that got upgraded as well 😉

I now send my grocery list via email to my phone (thanks for that feature!) and I have each store’s coupon policy bookmarked on my phone…should I need to quickly pull it up

I utilize my phone a lot when couponing

From checking the blogs/FB to looking up coupons on the coupon database

After almost 2 years of couponing, I really feel like I’ve finally gotten into a good couponing groove!!

And that is ONE of the most important things in couponing…making it doable for your lifestyle

I hope that by sharing how I organize my coupons, others may find an organization method that works for them 🙂


Target Trip Revlon Deal + More…

25 Jun

Before heading out to Target today to purchase a few boxes of chocolate pudding for one of our Summer activities:

I stopped by to get my mail and I was so happy to see that the Target beauty bag had arrived

Inside was a little booklet full of Target coupons for beauty items…my favorite was the $3/1 revlon item coupon

I tore it out and headed on out to Target

I was excited to find that Revlon nail polish was $4.54…Yeah I know, WHAT?!?!?

That’s super pricey!!! (well to me it is hehe)

But when you combine the $3/1  revlon target q from the beauty bag booklet with the $1/1 revlon nail product mq from this past Sunday’s Smart Source insert…

ONLY 54¢ for nail polish!!!

That’s 88% off the original price 🙂

Another awesome deal was the Pantene shampoo/conditioner

ONLY 84¢ ea after the $1/1 pantene target q (6/24 SS) + $3/2 pantene mq (6/24 SS)


if you’re not a Walmart shopper, heinz vinegar is also $1 @ Target

which means FREE with the $1/1 heinz vinegar q (6/24 SS)

TOTAL OOP: $6.75



(4) boxes jell-o pudding (.99 ea) – B3G1 FREE target IP

Revlon nail polish ($4.54) – $3/1 revlon target q + $1/1 revlon nail mq

N.Y.C nail polish (.94) – .50/1 n.y.c target IP

(2) pantene ($3.34 ea) – $3/2 pantene mq + (2) $1/1 pantene target q

(3) bottles heinz vinegar ($1 ea) – $1/1 heinz vinegar


Can’t wait for Wednesday’s trip…A fry’s Mega!


25 Jun

TOTAL OOP: $5.73

Some great coupons printed out for me at the Coupon Center. Including the $2/1 shampoo & $1/1 pantene, covergirl, oral b…Hopefully these will print out for you as well!!


(3) revlon foundations (75% off): $3.49 ea – $3/$10 cosmetics cvs q – $2/1 revlon face prod

1 mitchum deo ($1.99) – $1/1 mitchum – $1/1 mitchum cvs q

1 fruitopia conditioner ($1.74) – $2/1 shampoo/conditioner cvs

2 pantene shampoos (2/$6.97) – $3/2 pantene mq – $2/1 shampoo/cond cvs q – $1/1 pantene cvs q

1 garnier flat iron heat protectant ($3.33) – $1/1 garnier mq – $1/1 garnier cvs q

I had no ECBs to roll this time, but with all these great CRT coupons I just couldn’t pass up these deals 😉



23 Jun

If you shopped @ CVS this past week, you may have gotten lucky at the CVS coupon center machine and had a $1/1 Mitchum deodorant cvs q print out

Starting tomorrow, Mitchum will be $1.99

Combine this coupon with the $1/1 mitchum printable ( or $1/1 mitchum 6/24/12 SS insert coupon to get it FREE!!!

I will be stopping by at CVS later on tonight (sales activate on Saturday @ my CVS) to pick me up some free deo…I’m all out 😦


23 Jun


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far 🙂

I usually post recipes on Fridays but I got a bit busy yesterday…

Last week I posted a pic of the trip I made to Safeway

On this trip I purchased a ton of beef, including some london broil top round roasts

As much as I enjoy eating pot roast with mashed potatoes and veggies, it does tend to get a bit “boring” so I decided to throw my 2.5 lb roast in the crock pot with 1/2 an onion, garlic salt and pepper to taste for 6-8 hours on low (time varies depending on your crock pot style/model)

When it was done cooking, I shredded the beef, rolled it up in corn tortillas that had been deep fried for a few seconds in vegetable oil (to soften the tortilla) and finished deep frying the rolled tacos in oil for an additional 10 minutes until golden brown

I made some guacamole cream (1 cup sour cream, 2 avacados, garlic salt, salt) to dip my rolled tacos in and shredded some cheddar cheese on top

I also made some Spanish rice to go with the rolled tacos…Mmmm! Super yummy and very easy to make!!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

I’ll be posting my CVS trip on Monday