13 Jun


Summer vaca has commenced

and if your kiddos are anything like mine, they are already driving you bonkers!! lol

My 11 yo is enrolled in a summer enrichment program this Summer. But it’s only for a few hours a day, 4 days a week

So the rest of the day is filled with “What are we doing today?” and “I’m bored!”

or it’s constant yelling and bickering amongst siblings 😦

Since I’m located in AZ, outdoor activities are a no-go during the day (unless I take them swimming). So I decided to look into fun & inexpensive ways to keep them entertained without having to leave the comfort of my home every day!

BELOW is a list of the top 25 fun at home activities I plan to do with my girls

Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful as well 🙂

  1. Make peanut butter cups out of used broken crayons here
  2. Make a hot air balloon & have the kiddos fly it outside in the evening (purchase helium filled balloon @ a dollar store (Dollar Tree/99¢ ONLY) here
  3. Have a “Pajama/Movie Day” (you & the kiddos stay in your pj’s all day while watching movies checked out from the public library (free). Also have your kids help you make breakfast i.e. mixing the pancake batter & for lunch/dinner help them make their own mini pizzas
  4. Pot edible plants (made of yummy chocolate pudding & cookies!) here
  5. Create temporary tattoos here. Have your kiddos draw out their favorite character/design, cover it with temporary tattoo adhesive film and cut it out to apply (temporary tattoo paper is available @ stationary stores/online). I found it on ebay for as low as $4 shipped
  6. “Give to Others” day. Have your children help you fill boxes with items you/they no longer need/use to donate to a local food bank, shelter or non-profit organization. They can take out toys they no longer play with or clothes that don’t fit. They can also help you take out snacks/canned food items they didn’t really enjoy eating. Explain to them the importance/benefits of giving to others. As an added bonus, they can draw & color a picture of how it made them feel to help others, then stick it in an envelope and drop it into one of the boxes of donated items 🙂
  7. Have a water balloon fight in the evening (water balloons as low as $1 @ dollar tree/walmart)
  8. Make a bird feeder here. Reuse the mesh bag that many produce items (onions, avacados, apples…) come in
  9. Make your own ice pops here. You can reuse yogurt containers to use as molds and produce is fairly inexpensive here in AZ (especially on Wednesdays)
  10. Make a watermelon pinata here. Most of the craft items can be purchased @ the dollar store or Michael’s with a 40-50% online or sunday paper ad coupon 🙂
  11. Decorate a pair of flip flops here & here, $1 flip flops @ dollar tree/Target’s $1 section. Decore items can be found @ dollar tree/Michael’s
  12. Play sponge ball tag outside with homemade sponge balls here. Great project for those who got in on the free brillo estracell sponges a few months back 😉
  13. Have the kiddos help you make homemade strawberry jam (they can do the mashing of the berries and measuring/adding of the ingredients). Recipe here . FYI, lemon juice is optional. Ball/kerr jar coupons can be found in the 6/06/12 smart source for $3/2 or printable coupon at coolsavings.com. I purchase jars from walmart (~ $5 with q) but you can also list a “wanted” item request on craigslist for free/inexpensive jars.
  14. Plant your own indoor fruit/veggie garden. Here is a list of fruits/veggies that grow well indoors. You can reuse plastic containers to plant your fruits/veggies. A variety of inexpensive seed packets & potting soil can be purchased at walmart, 99¢ only stores, home depot/lowe’s. Here’s a cute idea for decorating your planting containers 🙂
  15. Make fish bowl gelatin here. I purchased these glass bowls @ Dollar Tree but I’ve also seen them @ Michael’s for ~$3-$4 (great price when paired with a 40% off q)
  16. Make sidewalk chalk paint here
  17. Make sun print cards (think father’s day!) here
  18. If your kiddos ♥ rockets & all things space related then they’re sure to enjoy making this, fyi, you can also use a paper towel tube, a wrapping paper tube or a toilet paper tube (for a mini rocket hehe)
  19. Tie-dye an old t-shirt here . Fabric dye can be purchased @ michael’s & clothes pins can be found @ dollar stores/walmart. If you don’t have a plain white t-shirt, purchase one at a second hand store, 99¢ only store, walmart, fallas/factory 2 U or michael’s.
  20. Make a no-sew apron out of a bandana ( reuse an old one or purchase at walmart/99¢ only stores) or t-shirt here & here  These will be super cute to wear while making all our other crafts 🙂
  21. Make a bottle piggy bank here. Great craft to teach kids how to earn & save their own money
  22. Help your kiddos make colored pasta bead jewelry here. Pasta is usually free with coupons or less than $1 without.
  23. DIY lava lamps here
  24. Have a “Spa Day”. You can do manicures & pedicures, style each others hair, and make an all natural face mask together to put on each other.
  25. After a great summer of doing all these fun activities together, gather all the pictures you took while doing so and have your kiddos make their very own no-glue scrapbook here or you can create a coloring book with your photos (how to here) for your kiddos to color and enjoy the memories of a great summer for years to come!!


Hope everyone has a great & fun-filled Summer!!


Photo credits: marthastewart.com, lilluna.com, familyfun.com

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