***TARGET*** 70% off BLUE DOT $1 ITEMS –ONLY 30¢ EACH!! ENDS TODAY 7/8/12

8 Jul

Today I stopped by at Target to pick up some free comet stainless steel cleaner but ended up staying a bit longer than I had expected lol

As I entered the store, I saw a big sign in front of the $1 section that stated “70% off all blue dot items” (sorry too many people around to take a pic) Sale from 7/7-7/8

That made each item with a blue dot sticker on the back only 30¢

The pic above is of the items I purchased at this price: Elmo cups, pencil case, 2 pk towels, lg birthday gift bag, 8 pk cupcake invites, birthday cards, jumbo Hello Kitty coloring books…

There were so many cute items!!

Including: 2 yd rolls of ribbon, socks, Toy Story bowls, 2 pk pirate plates, cupcake liners and a coupon holder…the list goes on 🙂

Some of these items make for some great Easter basket or Christmas stocking stuffers!!

The sale ends TODAY


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