8 Jul

While shopping at Target today, I ran across a couple of things that I wanted to share with everyone 🙂

If you’ve already begun your search for inexpensive school supplies then you might be interested in these prices!

Notebooks 17¢

2 pocket folders 15¢

Plus, rose art crayons (24 pk) for 25¢, rose art school glue 25¢, crayola markers (10 ct) $1

If you’re looking for inexpensive shoes for back to school, you might want to check out target’s clearance section as well

These shoes that I posted here

I found a shelf full of them for $5.98…cheaper than online!

I also found a ton of Converse shoes (infant/toddler, child, men, women’s) on clearance

Prices as low as $12.98 (toddler)

I purchased these pair for my 11 yo…she ♥ Converse shoes


While you’re there you might also want to check out their summer items & toy section!!

Igloo 60 qt ice chest with handle & wheels only $19.60 (price cut)

(over $40 on Amazon & $27.88 @ Walmart)

Every toy aisle I walked down had lots of toys with clearance stickers on them

Too many to list them all but here’s a few:

Squinkies (tea pot) dispenser $4.99

Zoobles set $3.98

Minnie Mouse dress set $10.24

Disney Fairies dress up set with wings $9.98

Toy story toys as low as $4.98


*Please keep in mind that clearance prices can vary from store to store


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