15 Jul

While picking up a few odds & ends at Target today, I came across this awesome clearance sale on Summer items including beach chairs, camping chairs, coolers, picnic supplies…

Youth camping & beach chairs as low as $2.70!!!

I tried to take a few more pics but as you might have guessed, the aisles were packed with people…

As I mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t bother posting this find earlier because items were being cleared off the shelf at lightning speed lol

I text my sis to let her know but she was too late at both of her nearby Targets 😦

Here is a pic of the items I was able to pick up

$16.38 + tax

The beach chairs were $2.70, the pitcher was $1.19 and the extra loooong lol beach towel was $3.xx

It was perfect timing since we’ll be heading to the beach in 2 weeks 🙂

Hopefully this clearance sale is going on or will happen soon at your local Target

But please keep in mind that clearance will vary from store to store


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