19 Jul

A few days ago my husband, 3 yo toddler and I were in our car on our way to CVS and I was completely enthralled with my cell so I wasn’t really hearing my toddler when she kept saying, “LOOK, CLOUDS CLOUDS!!”, while pointing her little finger at the front windshield

Finally after a nudge on my shoulder from the hubbster, I looked up at what my daughter was pointing at…

All I could think was…WOW!! HEAVEN ON EARTH

I quickly took a pic and set my phone down for the next few hours

I realized then that I wasn’t living in the moment

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the “hustle and bustle” part of life that I forget to stop and take a minute to appreciate the people and places around me

Please take a minute or life will pass you by

Hope everyone had a great day, Goodnight 🙂


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