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25 Jul

The 4 pack of Activia yogurt is $1.88

Use the $1/1 activia 4 pk coupon here

Only 88¢

Quaker 1 minute oatmeal pouch $1

Use $1/2 quaker product here

50¢ ea wyb 2

My local Walmart store was super packed today so I didn’t get to look around as much as I wanted to and to top it off the cashier was a coupon nazi

She picked at things that weren’t even there…”Uh what does this 7/25/12 date mean? I think it means you have to purchase a yogurt pack with the 7/25/12 date on it…”

Yeah I was dumbfounded when she said that, WHAT???

No ma’am it means I printed it today!! AAAAHHH!!!

I finally got tired after 10 minutes of her questioning every. single. coupon and asked that she call a manager over to help her check me out

It kind of made it worse because then she wanted a lesson in coupons from the manager while I was checking out

Manager apologized for it taking so long to check me out as she could tell I was flaming by the time I left

It had been a long time since I’d had a bad experience with a cashier 😦


Thanks for allowing me to rant



25 Jul

Here’s a few items I spotted while doing my own shopping today

Please keep in mind that closeout prices can vary from store to store

Allegra Children’s Allergy Med $3.24 Closeout

Use $3/1 children’s allegra here


Gillette & Satin Shave cream $1.99

Use .55/1 gillette or Satin (7/22 RP)

99¢ (not as cheap as last week but still good if you need it)

Carmex Moisture Plus $1.49 closeout

Use .75/1 carmex moisture plus here


Airborne $3.49 closeout

Use $1.50/1 airborne here


Carefree liners $1.00

Use .50/1 carefree (7/22 SS or 7/29 RP)


Stayfree pads $2

use $2/1 stayfree (7/22 SS)


PediaCare $3.49 closeout

Use $1/1 PediaCare here


Desitin Soothing Rash Bath Tx $2.49 closeout

Use $1/1 desitin here or .75/1 desitin (7/29 RP)


Suave deo 99¢ (tag says until 8/14/12)

Use .75/1 suave deo (7/29 RP)


Huggies soft pack wipes $1.99

use .50/1 huggies wipes (7/8 SS)


(sorry couldn’t take pic, too many people)

Kleenex 100ct $1.04 closeout

use 25¢ peelies attached

Some of the items I posted last week are still the same price like Turkey Hill 1/2 gallon tea, Silk Fruit & Protein, Muir Glen soup, Zone bars…

Hope you find these prices at your store!!


25 Jul

WOW it’s already the middle of the week…time sure flies!!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far

Today I stopped by at Fry’s, Walmart and Target

TOTAL OOP: $9.92

Unfortunately my Walmart was slim pickings in the produce department so I’ll have to stop by at the end of the week to pick up some fruit

A heads up, my Fry’s had Kleenex closeout price $1.04 and just about every box had a 25¢ any kleenex (50 ct+) product peelie on it…ONLY 4¢ after coupon!

Great item to send with my kiddo to her classroom 🙂

On the down side, Roman meal bread at Walmart was only 16 oz

The Pro’s ad has the 20 oz size for $1.39 so I was not able to use my coupons on that

I will be posting a few pics of more finds later on tonight

Sadly the camera on my phone finally went AWOL so I just began listing prices after the second store 😦


1 lb broccoli – no q (PM Pro’s 2 lb/99¢)

6 jalapenos – no q (PM Pro’s 3 lb/99¢)

20 bottles Powerade (32 oz) – $1/2 Powerade (tearpad found @ QT, 9¢ ea)

2 Clorox to go packs – $1/1 clorox product IP (emailed) Free + 8¢ overage

4 milky way singles – .75/2 milky way IP, Free + 5¢ overage

4 pack dannon activia – $1/1 activia 4 pk, 88¢

2 boxes barilla pasta – $1/2 barilla, 38¢ ea

4 Smucker’s Uncrustables (2 transactions) – $1/1 Uncrustables IP, Free + 1¢ overage on ea

3 boxes kleenex – .25/1 kleenex peelie, 4¢ ea

1 bag of cinnamon bagels – no q $1.24 target

3 cans Libby’s mixed veggies – no q, 33¢ ea fry’s

Quart Silk vanilla almond milk – $1.50/1 Silk, 50¢ fry’s

9 oz pk oscar mayer deli fresh ham – Free Fry’s mailer q

4 pk Stonyfield Organic yogurt – $1/1 yotoddler yogurt (mom’s meet q) 74¢ Target

6 carefree liners (2 transactions) – .50/1 carefree, free fry’s

1 pk Stayfree pads – $2/1 Stayfree, free fry’s

4 notebooks – no q, 17¢ ea Target

24 RoseArt items (glue, crayons, markers, pencils) purchased in 2 separate transactions (Target policy states only 4 like coupons per transaction) – Used (4) $1/3 RoseArt q’s per transaction, paid 16¢ + tax for all 24 items



25 Jul

Head on over to Kashi on Facebook here , click “like” if you don’t already then pick a box (chewy bars, cereal or chocolate baked squares) then click “share the goodness” and fill out the form

For every 5,000 shares Kashi receives, they will increase the value of the coupon by 50¢

The value is currently at $1

Share with friends to help the coupon value go up to $2!!

Your coupon will be emailed when the offer ends 7/31/12


25 Jul


BIC Pen Pals is doing it again!

Starting 8/1/12 through 8/30/12 they will be doing another giveaway on Facebook so head on over and “like” them and save the date!!


25 Jul

Head here on facebook to print a $1/1 dannon activia 4 pk coupon

This is currently in the El Super ad for $1.99

Price match @ Walmart, use the $1/1 coupon and pay only 99¢ for a 4 pk

These go on sale quite often and I believe I saw them 2/$4 @ fry’s last week but I will double check tonight when I do my own shopping trip 🙂

Thanks printable coupons & deals for the coupon!!

*Kellogg’s Coupon Book* FREE MILK + MORE @ WALMART

25 Jul

If you were able to find this Kellogg’s coupon book at your local Walmart

Then you can do the following deal by price matching this week’s Fry’s and Albertson’s ads


Purchase 3 boxes of pop tarts (8 ct) & price match Fry’s price 3/$5

Purchase 1 gallon of milk & price match Albertson’s price $1.50

Use this coupon here

(apologies for the pic quality…cell pic)

Save $2 on milk when you purchase three kellogg’s Pop Tarts pastries (6 ct+)

You get the milk free + 50¢ towards the Pop Tarts cost

TOTAL: $4.50 for 3 boxes of Pop Tarts & 1 gallon of milk

Please keep in mind that this coupon attaches itself to the Pop Tarts therefor you can NOT combine it with any other Pop Tart coupon because it will beep even though it states that you’re saving $2 off the milk

Here’s another nice deal you can do for Cheez-It crackers


Purchase 2 boxes of Cheez-It crackers (7.5 – 9 oz) & price match Albertson’s price $1.69 each

Purchase 1 box of CraZart crayons (24 ct) or 3ct pk of CraZart glue sticks for 25¢

Use this coupon here

(again sorry for the bad pic)

Save $1.50 on school supplies when you purchase any 2 Cheez-It baked snack crackers (7.5 oz+)

You get the school supplies Free + $1.25 towards the price of the crackers

TOTAL: $2.13 for 2 boxes of Cheez-It crackers & 1 CraZart school supply item

Once again please keep in mind that these coupons are attached to the Kellogg’s product which means you will not be able to combine it with another Cheez-It coupon

Hope you’re able to find this book at your local Walmart

I found it on a big back to school display in the aisle next to the school supplies