25 Jul

Here’s a few items I spotted while doing my own shopping today

Please keep in mind that closeout prices can vary from store to store

Allegra Children’s Allergy Med $3.24 Closeout

Use $3/1 children’s allegra here


Gillette & Satin Shave cream $1.99

Use .55/1 gillette or Satin (7/22 RP)

99¢ (not as cheap as last week but still good if you need it)

Carmex Moisture Plus $1.49 closeout

Use .75/1 carmex moisture plus here


Airborne $3.49 closeout

Use $1.50/1 airborne here


Carefree liners $1.00

Use .50/1 carefree (7/22 SS or 7/29 RP)


Stayfree pads $2

use $2/1 stayfree (7/22 SS)


PediaCare $3.49 closeout

Use $1/1 PediaCare here


Desitin Soothing Rash Bath Tx $2.49 closeout

Use $1/1 desitin here or .75/1 desitin (7/29 RP)


Suave deo 99¢ (tag says until 8/14/12)

Use .75/1 suave deo (7/29 RP)


Huggies soft pack wipes $1.99

use .50/1 huggies wipes (7/8 SS)


(sorry couldn’t take pic, too many people)

Kleenex 100ct $1.04 closeout

use 25¢ peelies attached

Some of the items I posted last week are still the same price like Turkey Hill 1/2 gallon tea, Silk Fruit & Protein, Muir Glen soup, Zone bars…

Hope you find these prices at your store!!

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