*Kellogg’s Coupon Book* FREE MILK + MORE @ WALMART

25 Jul

If you were able to find this Kellogg’s coupon book at your local Walmart

Then you can do the following deal by price matching this week’s Fry’s and Albertson’s ads


Purchase 3 boxes of pop tarts (8 ct) & price match Fry’s price 3/$5

Purchase 1 gallon of milk & price match Albertson’s price $1.50

Use this coupon here

(apologies for the pic quality…cell pic)

Save $2 on milk when you purchase three kellogg’s Pop Tarts pastries (6 ct+)

You get the milk free + 50¢ towards the Pop Tarts cost

TOTAL: $4.50 for 3 boxes of Pop Tarts & 1 gallon of milk

Please keep in mind that this coupon attaches itself to the Pop Tarts therefor you can NOT combine it with any other Pop Tart coupon because it will beep even though it states that you’re saving $2 off the milk

Here’s another nice deal you can do for Cheez-It crackers


Purchase 2 boxes of Cheez-It crackers (7.5 – 9 oz) & price match Albertson’s price $1.69 each

Purchase 1 box of CraZart crayons (24 ct) or 3ct pk of CraZart glue sticks for 25¢

Use this coupon here

(again sorry for the bad pic)

Save $1.50 on school supplies when you purchase any 2 Cheez-It baked snack crackers (7.5 oz+)

You get the school supplies Free + $1.25 towards the price of the crackers

TOTAL: $2.13 for 2 boxes of Cheez-It crackers & 1 CraZart school supply item

Once again please keep in mind that these coupons are attached to the Kellogg’s product which means you will not be able to combine it with another Cheez-It coupon

Hope you’re able to find this book at your local Walmart

I found it on a big back to school display in the aisle next to the school supplies


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