25 Jul

WOW it’s already the middle of the week…time sure flies!!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far

Today I stopped by at Fry’s, Walmart and Target

TOTAL OOP: $9.92

Unfortunately my Walmart was slim pickings in the produce department so I’ll have to stop by at the end of the week to pick up some fruit

A heads up, my Fry’s had Kleenex closeout price $1.04 and just about every box had a 25¢ any kleenex (50 ct+) product peelie on it…ONLY 4¢ after coupon!

Great item to send with my kiddo to her classroom 🙂

On the down side, Roman meal bread at Walmart was only 16 oz

The Pro’s ad has the 20 oz size for $1.39 so I was not able to use my coupons on that

I will be posting a few pics of more finds later on tonight

Sadly the camera on my phone finally went AWOL so I just began listing prices after the second store 😦


1 lb broccoli – no q (PM Pro’s 2 lb/99¢)

6 jalapenos – no q (PM Pro’s 3 lb/99¢)

20 bottles Powerade (32 oz) – $1/2 Powerade (tearpad found @ QT, 9¢ ea)

2 Clorox to go packs – $1/1 clorox product IP (emailed) Free + 8¢ overage

4 milky way singles – .75/2 milky way IP, Free + 5¢ overage

4 pack dannon activia – $1/1 activia 4 pk, 88¢

2 boxes barilla pasta – $1/2 barilla, 38¢ ea

4 Smucker’s Uncrustables (2 transactions) – $1/1 Uncrustables IP, Free + 1¢ overage on ea

3 boxes kleenex – .25/1 kleenex peelie, 4¢ ea

1 bag of cinnamon bagels – no q $1.24 target

3 cans Libby’s mixed veggies – no q, 33¢ ea fry’s

Quart Silk vanilla almond milk – $1.50/1 Silk, 50¢ fry’s

9 oz pk oscar mayer deli fresh ham – Free Fry’s mailer q

4 pk Stonyfield Organic yogurt – $1/1 yotoddler yogurt (mom’s meet q) 74¢ Target

6 carefree liners (2 transactions) – .50/1 carefree, free fry’s

1 pk Stayfree pads – $2/1 Stayfree, free fry’s

4 notebooks – no q, 17¢ ea Target

24 RoseArt items (glue, crayons, markers, pencils) purchased in 2 separate transactions (Target policy states only 4 like coupons per transaction) – Used (4) $1/3 RoseArt q’s per transaction, paid 16¢ + tax for all 24 items


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