26 Jul

The Target toy clearance sale has officially begun at my local store in the West Valley!!

At the beginning of the week, Totally Target gave us a heads up on their annual toy clearance sale in July

Rumor was that it would begin this weekend at 50 – 70% off already clearance priced toys

Keep in mind that most of these toys were already on clearance at 30% off since the beginning of July

So I head over there today because I found a Target catalina in my cart yesterday when I did my produce shopping, well actually the hubbster spotted it hehe

It was for $5 off any C9 by Champion shoes

At the time I didn’t think much of it and continued on with my regular shopping

Finally last night I was looking through my purse trying to find my ads when I found the cat and realized that I had posted about finding some C9 by Champion shoes last week on clearance for $5.98

Hello Sandy!! 98¢ tennis shoes with cat!! LOL

So I figured I’d head over there and see if they were still there

Well they were!! I got the shoes pictured above for only 98¢ with that Target coupon

While there, I figured I might as well check the toys out

Yep!! Every aisle had toys with red stickers on them

Every toy pictured above was priced between $4 – $6 each!!

Including that cute Barbie Mermaid Tale dress

My toddler now has her Halloween costume all set hehe

Toys like Littlest Pet Shop and Squinkies were as low as $2

Thomas the Train, Toy Story, Cars and Transformers between $4 – $10

Barbies and dress up clothes $3 – $6

I did most of my Christmas shopping today as you can see from my pic 🙂

If you plan on doing some Target shopping soon, definitely check out the toy section!!

Thanks totally target for the heads up!!

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