10 Aug

Late last night while loading some Fry’s e-coupons onto my card, I noticed a small banner at the bottom of their home page that was under the category: In the Community

It was the pic above

However, when you click on the part that states “learn more”, it directs you to the store locator 😦

In any case, the point is there really isn’t much information being provided by Fry’s on this but it is taking place this weekend, August 11-12 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

We actually took our girls last year when Fry’s had it then and I have to say it was a HUGE mistake

We got there fairly early on Sunday and it was so crowded

The lines were super long and it took forever to find a parking spot because it’s in downtown Phoenix and the parking garage was full

The exhibits were fun but bumping into other people constantly just isn’t my idea of fun 😦

They were offering free chocolate chip cookies and lemonade to everyone which was nice but all that sugar had kids super hyper running around in a crowd

Maybe this year it won’t be as crowded or you might want to try going later in the afternoon when the crowds die down

Just my two cents from our experience with this event last year 🙂

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