17 Aug

EcoAcademy - Earn Now!

Here’s a new opportunity to earn 50 points on Recyclebank

The Northwest lockers have been unlocked!

Just click the pic above & click on “next period”

If you haven’t already done so, complete first period for 185 points

Each week for the next month, you’ll have new classrooms to explore worth at least 100 points. Plus, Recyclebank will open a row of lockers every Friday worth another 50 points.

What is Recyclebank?
Recyclebank is a program that promotes recycling! By participating in various video clips or quizzes you are able to learn great ways to recycle while earning points. Redeem your points for high value coupons or sometimes even free stuff in the Get Rewards section! Sign In or Register Now to get started

Starting 8/19, CVS will have Bumblebee tuna 2/$1

You can use your Recyclebank points to grab a $1/2 Bumblebee tuna coupon (click “get rewards” and it’ll be under food & beverage)

You can print 2 coupons which means 4 FREE cans of tuna!


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