20 Aug

WOOT WOOT! It looks like the Treat Receipt Starbucks promotion I posted a few weeks back gets even better when you visit a Starbucks location inside Target stores!

Saturday while doing some Target shopping with my sis, I stopped in at the Starbucks store inside Target to grab a Mocha lite frapp

I was super excited when I looked at my receipt because the current Treat Receipt promo is:

Buy any drink before 2 p.m. and bring your receipt back in the same day, after 2 p.m. to get any beverage for $2

The Starbucks promo for stores located inside of Target is:

Buy any drink and bring this receipt back within the next 14 days and get any beverage for $2

As you can see from my receipt, I purchased my drink after 2 pm and still received the stamp

I did a little searching online and it looks like this offer is going on at Starbucks located inside Target stores only

Great deal especially since I know most of us don’t go to Starbucks twice in one day!

This gives you a chance to enjoy another Starbucks drink for less $$ the next day…or within 2 weeks hehehe

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