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27 Aug

Geez I totally spaced on this one!

This past week I posted in my “Fry’s Finds of the Week” that Sparkle paper towels (6 big rolls = 8 reg rolls) were only $4.99 and $3.99 after $1 Sparkle coupon

Well I was looking through my Fry’s e-coupons because I’m doing one final mega today and noticed that there is a $1.50/1 Sparkle paper towels e-coupon exp 8/31 on there!

That makes it only $3.49!!

The sad part is that this coming week (8/29 -9/4) Fry’s has Sparkle paper towels (6 big rolls) and Angel Soft (12 double rolls) advertised in ad 2/$11

That’s MORE than they are right now!

Even Angel Soft toilet paper (12 double rolls & 16 Big rolls) is $4.99 right now

So I would head on over to Fry’s ASAP if you want to score cheap Sparkle and Angel Soft because come Wednesday they’ll be pricier!!!

PRODUCE WEDNESDAY fry’s & wally’s

21 Mar

Another Wednesday of price matching produce @ Walmart & my third and final mega @ Fry’s 🙂

TOTAL OOP: $19.51

THE GOOD: It was ALL good actually, no bad or ugly…YAY!!! The cashier @ walmart was a fellow couponer. We were talking about the coupons I was using and she couldn’t believe all the cup of noodles were free with those nissin qs we got this past Sunday. She was excited about the cheap angel soft TP and said she was going to stock up on that 🙂 The customer behind me also joined our conversation and we started talking about all the different websites you can print coupons from. Very pleasant trip to Wally’s 🙂 Fry’s was a quick in and out trip except for the part where hubby insisted we get a rotisserie chicken & beans for a quick lunch when we got home since we hadn’t eaten lunch yet…bad idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach lol



24 pk pepsi – $2/1 pepsi multipack (fry’s booklet) pm el super

24 pk angel soft TP – .45/1 angel soft (pm pros ranch)

9 cups nissin soup – $1/3 nissin

1 head of lettuce – no q (pm el super)

2 lb apples – no q (pm el super)

2 strawberries – no q (pm pros ranch)

2 lb broccoli – no q (pm el super)

3 farmer john’s sausage – $1/1 fj (pm sw)

1 bag no yolks – .40/1 no yolks

1 clorox bleach – .25/1 clorox

2 tubs country crock butter – .60/1 cc (received another $1.50 ONYO)

2 red hot – .50/1 red hot

2 sunny d – no q

1 dannon light & fit – $1/1 dannon

1 activia – $1/1 activia

1 can refried beans – no q (not pictured – eating w/our rotisserie chkn)

1 rotisserie chicken – (2) $1.50 ONYOs