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27 Aug

Head here to print a rare $2.50/1 foster farms boneless skinless chicken breast item coupon

Note: this is a smart source coupon

Thanks printable coupons & deals!!


8 Jun

It’s that time of year!

Summer grilling/BBQing season has begun

Of course here in AZ we prefer to grill in the spring

(115 degrees isn’t ideal for cooking outside over an open flame lol)

Last night we fired up the grill and cooked a parillada (variety of cooked meats)

I grilled boneless skinless chicken breasts & sirloin beef strips together with a variety of organic bell peppers, white onions, jalapenos and tomatillos

Seasonings included: salt, pepper, garlic salt with parsley

Of course you can also add marinades OR sauces to your meats

It all depends on what you’re in the mood for

I prefer to marinade the meats in teriyaki sauce overnight when I’m making stir fry on the grill

I also made a potato salad to go with it and here’s how it all came out

Very YUMMY and super EASY to make!

RECIPE: Chicken & Sweet Potato Fries

1 May

Here it is!

Simple and easy peasy to make

Last week I purchased some organic green chard and bs chicken @ Sprouts

I also purchased some inexpensive sweet potatoes @ walmart (3lb/99¢)

I’ll be honest, I had never eaten chard before this recipe so I was a little nervous about the taste

But it looked so fresh and green that I had to pick some up

Let me tell you, I’m soooo glad I did!!

If you’ve eaten verdolagas (purslane) before then you’ll ♥♥♥ green chard

Tastes the same 🙂

And we ♥ verdolagas!

We grew up eating them with queso blanco, corn, calabasitas (squash) and tomatoes…YUM!

For this recipe I merely cut up the bs chicken into smaller pieces, added salt & pepper and cooked in evoo on medium heat for 10-15 min until thoroughly cooked

Then I added 2 med tomatoes (diced) and organic chard

Placed the lid on my pan and cooked for an additional 5 minutes

Lastly, I topped it all off with cheese (you can use queso blanco or mozzarella)

I would have liked to add some fresh corn and italian squash as well but I doubt my kiddos would have eaten it if I had overwhelmed the dish with so many veggies…they’re super picky eaters, especially my 3 yo

The sweet potatoes were super easy to make as well

I just peeled 2 med sized potatoes, diced them, added some salt and cooked in evoo for 10 min over medium heat

Very yummy!!

You can also bake them in the oven if you’d prefer

Just a heads up, the cacique cheese coupon is still available to print if you haven’t printed it yet

Makes for some fairly inexpensive queso blanco 🙂

PRODUCE WEDNESDAY fry’s & wally’s

21 Mar

Another Wednesday of price matching produce @ Walmart & my third and final mega @ Fry’s 🙂

TOTAL OOP: $19.51

THE GOOD: It was ALL good actually, no bad or ugly…YAY!!! The cashier @ walmart was a fellow couponer. We were talking about the coupons I was using and she couldn’t believe all the cup of noodles were free with those nissin qs we got this past Sunday. She was excited about the cheap angel soft TP and said she was going to stock up on that 🙂 The customer behind me also joined our conversation and we started talking about all the different websites you can print coupons from. Very pleasant trip to Wally’s 🙂 Fry’s was a quick in and out trip except for the part where hubby insisted we get a rotisserie chicken & beans for a quick lunch when we got home since we hadn’t eaten lunch yet…bad idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach lol



24 pk pepsi – $2/1 pepsi multipack (fry’s booklet) pm el super

24 pk angel soft TP – .45/1 angel soft (pm pros ranch)

9 cups nissin soup – $1/3 nissin

1 head of lettuce – no q (pm el super)

2 lb apples – no q (pm el super)

2 strawberries – no q (pm pros ranch)

2 lb broccoli – no q (pm el super)

3 farmer john’s sausage – $1/1 fj (pm sw)

1 bag no yolks – .40/1 no yolks

1 clorox bleach – .25/1 clorox

2 tubs country crock butter – .60/1 cc (received another $1.50 ONYO)

2 red hot – .50/1 red hot

2 sunny d – no q

1 dannon light & fit – $1/1 dannon

1 activia – $1/1 activia

1 can refried beans – no q (not pictured – eating w/our rotisserie chkn)

1 rotisserie chicken – (2) $1.50 ONYOs

Cooking Is Dandy with Sandy — MOLE

26 Aug

YAY!! TGIF & every Friday is another edition of “Cooking is Dandy with ME–Sandy!”

I’d like to start off by apologizing for the presentation…foam plates aren’t all that great to look at. But it does cut down on dish duty when you’re not feeling up to it after a long day 🙂

This week’s recipe is mole! Mmmmm

It doesn’t look that appealing, but it tastes great when made right…otherwise the flavor can be overwhelming 😦


Servings: 4-6


  • 2 lb chicken drumsticks
  • 9-12 oz container mole sauce (any brand works, I used Dona Maria since it’s really cheap, about 50¢-$1)
  • 1/4 onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 TBSP salt
  • 1 TBSP vegetable oil



  • stew pot
  • large spoon
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • pan



  1. Set your stove on medium heat
  2. Add the chicken drumsticks, salt, onion & garlic into the pot
  3. Add enough water to the pot to cover the chicken
  4. Place on stove and cook for 30 min (or until chicken is cooked all the way through)
  5. Set pot of chicken aside and place your pan on the stove
  6. Add your vegetable oil to the pan and allow it to warm up
  7. Add all the mole sauce and 1 cup of the broth (from the chicken you just cooked) to the pan
  8. Stir your mole and allow to cook for 5 min on medium heat
  9. Add the cooked chicken drumsticks to your pan with mole and allow to cook for an additional 5 min
  10. Make sure all your drumsticks are completely covered in the mole sauce
  11. Turn stove off
  12. Plate your chicken mole


Easy Peasy! I usually allow my chicken broth to cool down then put it in a large freezer bag and freeze it to use for other recipes. Mole tastes great with Spanish rice and frijoles de la olla (homemade pinto beans) and tortillas…Mmmm, really yummy all together!!


Disclaimer: Only adults should be making this recipe as it involves handling/using a knife, stove and hot food. I am NOT responsible for injury, illness or death as a result of consuming or preparing this recipe…Sorry, but I have to throw this in here since now a days everything seems to need a disclaimer.


10 Aug

Another Wednesday of price matching produce @ Wally’s, YAY! Plus a trip to Safeway for some free nesquik & oober cheap cereal 🙂


7.5 lb of chicken drumsticks – no q but pretty cheap @ 68¢/lb & I’m making mole…YUM

2.5 lb bananas – 3lb/99¢

1 lb bag of carrots – 50¢

1 lb anaheim chiles – 3 lb/99¢

3 lb broccoli – 3 lb/99¢

1 head of lettuce (not pictured) – 3/99¢

3 lb peaches (not pictured) – 3 lb/99¢

4 boxes (11.8-12.8 oz) GM cereal – $1.49 ea wyb 4 + (3) .50/1  ctc+ (1) .75/1 cocoa puffs

4 pk of ocean spray sparkling cranberry juice – $2.49 + $1.50/1 (MDA book)

1 can of O organic corn – $1.25 + $1/1 O organic

7 nesquik – 99¢ w/raincheck + (7) .50/1

3 simply lemonades – $1 ea + (3) .50/1 tearpad

 TOTAL OOP: $12.05