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23 Aug

Head here to print a .50/1 Clorox regular bleach coupon, NSR (use zip 33033 if needed)

Clorox bleach is currently $2.17 @ Fry’s so $1.17 after coupon

I would hang on to this coupon for a better deal 🙂

Thanks printable coupons & deals!


31 Jul

Head here , sign in or sign up and vote for your favorite Toilet Confession and you will be able to print a $1/1 Clorox toilet wand or Clorox toilet bowl cleaner coupon


200 members will win a Clorox® Prize Pack just for casting their votes!!


22 Jul

If you got the email for $1 off any Clorox product a few days ago, you can take it to Walmart to score FREE Clorox to go wipes!!!

Great item to send the teacher for the classroom 🙂

9 ct pk Clorox Wipes 92¢

Use $1/1 Clorox product (emailed coupon, read post here)

FREE + 8¢ overage

You can find these in the Travel Section or next to the regular sized bottles of Clorox disinfecting wipes

You can also use this particular coupon to score

78¢ bleach (128 oz) & 98¢ tub of Clorox Wipes (35 ct)


78¢ after coupon


98¢ after coupon


You can use this $1 off any Clorox toilet bowl cleaner coupon here

to get it for 97¢ at both Walmart & Target


97¢ after coupon

YAY for oober cheap cleaning products!!!

Um, yeah I doubt this will get me excited about cleaning hehe


$1 off ONE Clorox Item…CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!

20 Jul

At the beginning of the week I posted this link here to sign up for a an emailed $1/1 Clorox coupon if Clorox reached 30,000 fans on facebook

Well it looks like they reached 30,000!!!

Today I received an email for $1 off any Clorox product

Should make for some inexpensive bleach


You can use it at Fry’s to purchase the small pack of Clorox disinfectant wipes priced @

99¢ – $1.29

FREE – 29¢ with coupon!!

Great item to send to the teacher now that the kiddos are going back to school 🙂

The emailed coupon link is unique and can not be shared so only 2 prints

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Toilet Confession daily to be entered to win 1 of 200 Clorox prize packs Plus the opportunity to print a $1/1 clorox toilet wand or toilet cleaner coupon



19 Jul

Head here , sign in or sign up and vote for your favorite Toilet Confession and you will be able to print a $1/1 Clorox toilet wand or Clorox toilet bowl cleaner coupon


200 members will win a Clorox® Prize Pack just for casting their votes!!

You’re allowed to vote once per day, per category for a total of four votes per day

CLOROX COUPON UP to $1 if they reach 30,000 Fans!!!**EXPIRED**

10 Jul

Register here

Fill out the form for your 50¢ clorox coupon and if 30,000 fans sign up, your coupon will go up to $1!! If not, you’ll still receive an email by 7/20 telling you how to download your coupon 🙂

PRODUCE WEDNESDAY fry’s & wally’s

21 Mar

Another Wednesday of price matching produce @ Walmart & my third and final mega @ Fry’s 🙂

TOTAL OOP: $19.51

THE GOOD: It was ALL good actually, no bad or ugly…YAY!!! The cashier @ walmart was a fellow couponer. We were talking about the coupons I was using and she couldn’t believe all the cup of noodles were free with those nissin qs we got this past Sunday. She was excited about the cheap angel soft TP and said she was going to stock up on that 🙂 The customer behind me also joined our conversation and we started talking about all the different websites you can print coupons from. Very pleasant trip to Wally’s 🙂 Fry’s was a quick in and out trip except for the part where hubby insisted we get a rotisserie chicken & beans for a quick lunch when we got home since we hadn’t eaten lunch yet…bad idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach lol



24 pk pepsi – $2/1 pepsi multipack (fry’s booklet) pm el super

24 pk angel soft TP – .45/1 angel soft (pm pros ranch)

9 cups nissin soup – $1/3 nissin

1 head of lettuce – no q (pm el super)

2 lb apples – no q (pm el super)

2 strawberries – no q (pm pros ranch)

2 lb broccoli – no q (pm el super)

3 farmer john’s sausage – $1/1 fj (pm sw)

1 bag no yolks – .40/1 no yolks

1 clorox bleach – .25/1 clorox

2 tubs country crock butter – .60/1 cc (received another $1.50 ONYO)

2 red hot – .50/1 red hot

2 sunny d – no q

1 dannon light & fit – $1/1 dannon

1 activia – $1/1 activia

1 can refried beans – no q (not pictured – eating w/our rotisserie chkn)

1 rotisserie chicken – (2) $1.50 ONYOs

FRY’S MEGA round 2

18 Mar

TOTAL OOP: $3.42



I was not expecting the country crock ONYO so it was a welcome surprise!!

Maybe a new catalina??

Either way it was a good trip because all the shelves were fully stocked, I was able to grab some got2b products and this put me at 100 fuel points for 10¢ off gas…hey every little bit helps right??

Especially with these crazy gas prices!!!


2 tubs country crock butter – $1.00/1 cc

3 smart balance milks – $1.50/1 smart balance

4 got 2 b – $3/1 got2b

3 kens dressing (9oz) – $1/1 ken’s dressing

1 clorox bleach – .25/1 clorox

2 french’s mustard – .30/1 french’s

(2) 22 oz bottles suave shampoo – .50/1 suave printable


14 Mar

As you can see, I had a lot of grocery shopping to do today!

Did a 3 stop shop @ fry’s, Safeway & El Super

TOTAL OOP: $25.82

Wanted to try something new by posting the good, bad and ugly parts of my trip…basically how my trip went when using coupons, onyo’s, catalinas, scanning issues, out of stock items…etc, etc

So here it goes 🙂

THE GOOD: I got kashi 7 grain waffles for 49¢ after q, the clorox 2 pens were $2.09, the bags of doritos were fully stocked @ safeway & were only $1.19 after q and I received both a $2.50 ONYO for the clorox wipes & a $5 off $15 cat @ safeway

THE BAD: the shelf was completely wiped of welch’s grape juice @ my safeway @ 9:00 am (luckily hubby found a small end cap with 4 juices left on it), both of the $3/1 all & clorox 2 qs beeped @ the register and the cashier questioned whether it would only work on liquid detergent (fortunately the cashier just pushed them through, but be aware that these may cause a problem for some with less um “friendly” cashiers)

THE UGLY: As always, the new barcode q’s never scan at safeway so a cashier tried to tell me it wouldn’t go through because it exceeded the cost of the item. How she came to this conclusion is beyond me. It was a manufacturer coupon that I found in a booklet @ fry’s about a month ago. It is for $1.50 off any 2 clorox wipes products OR 2 glad containters. Clearly since the wipes were $2 each I would still end up paying $2.50 for 2 but she kept arguing that she could only give me $1 off of 2…HUH?? I tried to explain but she kept arguing so I finally said, “I’m not going to argue, please call a manager.” So what did she do?? Of course, pushed it through at the value of the coupon…just awful how even when you prove them wrong and they know what they’re saying is absolutely bonkers, they hate to admit they’re wrong!! Totally expected from Safeway though…it never fails 😦

Hopefully giving you a little run through of my highs and lows will help you prepare for your trip 🙂


1 doz eggs – 99¢ sw iac

1 gallon milk – no q

2 gal arrowhead h20 – no q

3 cucumbers – no q

3 lb tangerines – no q

2 lb bananas – no q

nature sweet cherry tomatoes – 99¢ sw iac

1 jar vlasic pickle spears – .75/1 vlasic

2 cans bumblebee tuna – $1/2 bumble bee (recyclebank)

2 clorox 2 pens – $3/1 all + clorox 2

2 packs all detergent – same as above

1 box kashi waffles – $2/1 kashi (recyclebank)

1 pk huggies slip ons – FREE q (bzzagent)

4 clorox disinfecting wipes – (2) .50/1 clorox 35 ct + $1.50/2 clorox wipes (booklet found @ fry’s last month)

2 clorox wipes (to go pks) – $1.50/2 clorox wipes (booklet from fry’s)

1 loaf of bread – no q

3 pks dannon light & fit yogurt – .50/1 dannon light & fit

4 bags doritos – $1.69 sw iac + .75/2 doritos

(3) 64 oz bottles welch’s grape juice – $1.99 sw iac + $1/1 welch’s juice

1 O organic tea – $1/1 O organic product

6 bottles simply oj – .50/1 simply juice (wags diabetes book)

$2.50 ONYO (received wyb $9 clorox)