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6 Aug

Hubby woke up early in the morning yesterday to pick me up some newspapers from the dollar store because he was out of razors and of course I had let him know that we would be getting FREE razors this week with Sunday’s inserts

Little did we know that the only Free razors after $3 BIC coupon at CVS were the women’s Silky Smooth LOL

Eh, he doesn’t care if he shaves with a “woman’s” razor

His exact words were, “A razor’s a razor…blue, pink, purple…I don’t care!”

♥ hubby, he’s not picky

While I was there picking up razors I did 3 transactions (the most I’ve EVER done in one store) to get all the stuff pictured above for

$5.22 & got back $5 ECB (Beauty $50 worth), plus will submit for $5 P & G rebate


Purchased (2) Simple facial scrubs $5.79 each

(1) Simple facial wipes $4.29

Used $3/$15 Beauty cvs coupon

$3.50/2 Simple products IP coupon here (watch video)

$1.50/1 Simple product IP coupon here

$2/1 Simple product cvs coupon

$5 ECB from last week

Total OOP: 87¢ + tax, got back $5 ECB

Then transaction #2:

Purchased (4) Covergirl eye shadows $3.69

(1) CVS single nail polish pack 49¢

(2) Herbal Essence mousse @ $2/5.97

Used $5/$15 cosmetics coupon

(1) $1 off $5 dawn/covergirl/gillette…cvs coupon (got last week)

(2) $3/2 Covergirl products (7/29 P & G)

(1) $1/2 Herbal/Aussie cvs coupon

(1) $3/2 Herbal/Aussie mq coupon (8/5 RP)

$5 ECB from trans #1

Total OOP: 22¢ + tax & got back $3 ECB (covergirl)

Final trans #3:

Purchased (1) bottle of Felippo Berrio EVOO $3.99

(4) BIC silky smooth razors (10 ct) $3.99 BOGO 50% off

Used $1/1 Felippo Berrio IP

(4) $3/1 any BIC razor (8/5 SS)

$3 ECB from trans #2 (adjust down 1¢)

Pay just the tax

While I was there, I took a few pics of cough/cold medicines that were on clearance 75% off  (both CVS brand & name brands

I had been keeping an eye on these for about 3 weeks now just waiting for the prices to go down 50% or 70%

Well they finally did this week!

Robitussin $1.84

Use $1/1 Robitussin here

Pay 84¢

Robitussin twin pack $3.07

Robitussin cough+chest DM $2.19

Use $1/1 Robitussin coupon here

Pay $2.07 for the twin pack & $1.19 for the single

Little Colds $1.67

Use $1/1 Little remedies product coupon here


There were sooo many more cough and cold medications on clearance i.e. Nyquil, Dayquil, Delsym, CVS brand, Halls, Ludens, Zarbees, Pediacare…

Definitely the time to stock up for the upcoming cold + flu season!!


3 Aug


A $5 off ANY cosmetics purchase of $15+ CVS coupon will be printing from the red machine @ CVS beginning 8/5 – 8/11 (limit 1 per household)

I’ve done 3 scenarios below to help you get the most product for your buck!!

Hope they help 🙂


Purchase: (2) Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascaras $5 ea

(1) Maybelline Sensational Lip $5

Use $5/15 CVS coupon

Use (2) $1/1 Maybelline mascara coupon here

Use (1) $1/1 Maybelline lip product (8/5 RP)

Pay $7 & get back $3 ECB for purchasing $10+ of Maybelline products

Like paying $4 for 3 Maybelline products

Scenario #2

Purchase: (5) Covergirl Eye Enhancers (single shadow) $3.49 (online price)

Use $5/$15 CVS coupon

Use (2) $3/2 Covergirl makeup coupon (7/29 P & G)

Use (1) $1/1 Covergirl makeup coupon (7/29 P & G)

Pay $5.45 & get back $3 ECB for purchasing $10 worth of Covergirl products

Like paying $2.45 for 5 Covergirl eyeshadows

Scenario #3

Purchase: (4) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail color $2.99 (online price)

(1) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails clear polish $3.19 (online price)

Use $5/$15 CVS coupon

Use (5) $1/1 Sally Hansen Nail Color product coupon here, here

Pay $5.15 & get back $3 ECB for purchasing $10 worth of Sally Hansen cosmetics

Like paying $2.15 for 5 Sally Hansen Nail products

Please keep in mind that on the last 2 scenarios I based price off of online CVS products so price in store may vary

I also posted last week that I found a ton of Revlon cosmetics 75% off

This weekend (8/5 RP), we’ll be getting a $1/1 Revlon color cosmetic coupon

Might make for some free or cheap Revlon cosmetics 🙂

Also, Almay, Revlon and N.Y.C products will be Buy 1 Get 1 50% off the same week!


*CVS* $5 off $15 Cosmetic Purchase Coupon (8/5 – 8/11)

31 Jul


Scan your CVS card at the coupon center (8/5 – 8/11) and receive a $5 off any cosmetic purchase of $15 or more coupon (limit 1 per household)

There are some great ECB and BOGO 50% off sales on cosmetics that week which could make for some free makeup when combined with the CVS coupon above and manufacturer coupons!!

Also keep your eyes open for 75% clearanced makeup

Just this morning I posted my CVS trip here where I found Revlon foundation & lipstick for $2 – $3

I will be posting a few makeup scenarios on Friday


22 Jul


Late last night I stopped by at CVS to pick up a glade scents holder since it was the last day for the $3 sale and I had a $2 IP for it + $1 savingstar eq

I also received  a SS insert in my WSJ with the $2/1 stayfree coupon in it so I picked up some free pads as well

However, I wasn’t expecting to bring home free chocolate!!

When I scanned my CVS card @ the red machine, a $1/2 Mars single coupon printed out

I thought, “YAY, cheap Milky Way for the hubby!” (he has a real sweet tooth)

I had the $1/2 Milky Way candy bar IPs with me so I gave them & the CRT coupon to hubby and asked him to go to the front register and pick some up while I got the rest of the items

Hubby comes back with a big ‘ol smile on his face and 6 candy bars

First words out of his mouth are “FREE candy bars!!”

Word of advice, best way to get your hubby excited about coupons is to get him some free chocolate!! hehe

It turns out that most of the Mars candy bar singles were 2/$1

Including Snickers, Twix and Milky Ways

After I left that CVS location, I stopped by @ the next nearby CVS store and yep, same price!!

So you may want to check at your local CVS

It’s not advertised in the ad, so this price may vary from store to store


1 pack stayfree pads – $2/1 stayfree (7/22 SS)

1 glade scents holder – $2/1 glade scents holder IP (no longer avail)

2 bottles tea – no q (2/$1)

4 milky way – $1/2 milky way IP here

2 Mars candy bars – $1/2 mars candy singles crt cvs q

$2 ECB from last week

TOTAL OOP: 55¢ + will get back $1 from SavingStar




12 Jul

While checking the price of the wiggly pig pee wee pet at CVS today (BTW it scanned for $4.99 & the zebra scanned the same as well), I noticed quite a few oral rinse items on clearance

Most are FREE and would help you to reach $20 in purchases to use that $4/$20 cvs coupon printing from the red machine starting 7/15

Rembrandt mouth rinse $1.97

use this $2/1 rembrandt rinse printable coupon here  to get it FREE!!!

GUM Perioshield rinse $2.62

Use this $5/1 GUM perioshield IP here to get it beyond FREE!!!

ACT Sensitive mouthwash $1.44

Use this $1/1 act sensitive mouthwash IP here to get it for 44¢

Please keep in mind that clearance prices can vary from store to store


$4 off $20 PURCHASE CVS COUPON 7/15 – 7/18

12 Jul

Stop by at CVS on Sunday 7/15 through Wednesday 7/18 to scan your CVS card at the coupon center (red machine) and get a $4/$20 purchase coupon (limit 1 per household)

This coupon can be used BEFORE manufacturer coupons



Possibly FREE Cortaid *CVS*

30 Jun

Heads up!! This great coupon printed out of the red machine @ CVS tonight. Hopefully it’ll print out for you as well!!


25 Jun

TOTAL OOP: $5.73

Some great coupons printed out for me at the Coupon Center. Including the $2/1 shampoo & $1/1 pantene, covergirl, oral b…Hopefully these will print out for you as well!!


(3) revlon foundations (75% off): $3.49 ea – $3/$10 cosmetics cvs q – $2/1 revlon face prod

1 mitchum deo ($1.99) – $1/1 mitchum – $1/1 mitchum cvs q

1 fruitopia conditioner ($1.74) – $2/1 shampoo/conditioner cvs

2 pantene shampoos (2/$6.97) – $3/2 pantene mq – $2/1 shampoo/cond cvs q – $1/1 pantene cvs q

1 garnier flat iron heat protectant ($3.33) – $1/1 garnier mq – $1/1 garnier cvs q

I had no ECBs to roll this time, but with all these great CRT coupons I just couldn’t pass up these deals 😉



23 Jun

If you shopped @ CVS this past week, you may have gotten lucky at the CVS coupon center machine and had a $1/1 Mitchum deodorant cvs q print out

Starting tomorrow, Mitchum will be $1.99

Combine this coupon with the $1/1 mitchum printable (coupons.com) or $1/1 mitchum 6/24/12 SS insert coupon to get it FREE!!!

I will be stopping by at CVS later on tonight (sales activate on Saturday @ my CVS) to pick me up some free deo…I’m all out 😦


24 May

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it to CVS this week for various reasons but I managed to squeeze it in today while the girls showered and hubby stayed home with them prepping stuff for this weekend</


$4/$20 purchase CVS q

2 loreal  hairsprays : $4.79 x 2 =$9.58 – (2) .75/1 loreal studio – $5/2 loreal hair care cvs q

2 travel sz rinses – 99¢ + 49¢ (B1G1 50% off): $1.48 – (2) $1/1 mouth rinse cvs q</p

2 almay eye shadows: $7.29 x 2= $14.58 -(2) $1/1 almay mq printable -$3/$10 cosmetic purchase (cvs crt) – $3/1 almay (cvs q)

Paid with a $2 ecb & $2 cvs gc

TOTAL OOP: $3.19

& Got Back $4 ecb (almay)

I got a raincheck for the suave lotion and hope to roll the $4 ecb I got into that deal next week