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13 Apr

After two long weeks of party planning & a stomach flu 😦

I’m back and ready to share the savings!!

I have only been to the grocery store once these past 2 weeks so I was more than

anxious to get back to shopping

First let me start off by saying that my girls’ Candyland themed bday party went great

Decorating was A LOT of work but my fam really came through and helped out tremendously

and the end result was really nice

I will post pics once I download them from my memory card

Secondly, I spent a good chunk of last week sick as a dog with a stomach flu…not fun at all

Don’t know what I ate or if it’s just something that was going around because my girls were throwing up for a couple of days too

Easter was great!!

We headed up north to Prescott for the day and spent our time at a picnic campground…wonderful weather

My daughter Loralai was oober excited to open up the Easter basket that her auntie Jenny gave her

Inside was a HUGE 5 lb gummy bear!!

Her and hubby managed to eat the ears

I’m sure it will probably last her until next Easter lol

Today was the first time back grocery shopping and using q’s

So I headed to fry’s, albies and sprouts

Albies & Sprouts TOTAL OOP: $31.XX

Fry’s TOTAL OOP: $13.57


This trip I purchased a ton of organic fruits & veggies simply because I’m trying to get my fam (and myself) to eat more “clean”. I recently read the “dirty dozen” list on organic.org and WHOA!!! Talk about a buttload of pesticides in our fruits & veggies…30-60 kinds in apples alone! Makes you want to stop eating supposedly “good for you” fruits & veggies altogether 😦

Now that’s not to say that I’m gonna go the completely organic route, too expensive, but those top twelve fruits/veggies, I’m going to try to purchase those organic

At least reduce the amount of toxins we’re consuming

I was actually surprised to find that most of the organic produce was fairly inexpensive

I will list prices on the “items purchased/q’s used” section

I was bummed to find the shelf @ albies completely wiped out of fj bacon…I had 6 q’s to use & they expire 4/18 so no point in getting a raincheck 😦

Maybe they’ll restock before the sale ends


6 ct conchas (sweet bread) – no q (hubby just ♥ these)

2 lb driscoll organic strawberries – $2.99 ea – $1/1 driscoll q

2 dozen lg eggs – .50/2 eggs (fb printable)

3 simply oj – .50/1 wags diabetes book q

2 sugar free strawberry jello – .50/2 jello

Stouffers fam sz  lasagna – $2/1 stouffers

VO5 conditioner – no q (ran out…how’d that happen?)

bread rolls – no q but on sale for 50¢

5 ears of corn – no q 5 for $1 (albies)

2 lb organic apples – no q 99¢ lb (sprouts)

1 lb organic carrots – no q 88¢ lb (sprouts)

organic lettuce – no q 88¢ (sprouts)

1 lb tomatoes – no q 99¢

2 lb bananas – no q 57¢ lb

6 bottles ken’s dressing – $1/1 kens (free @ albies)

2 gallons milk – no q $1.57 (albies)

1 lb chorizo – no q

4 lb bs all natural chicken – no q

2 lb 85% lean ground beef – no q (sprouts)

1 loaf of bread – no q $1 (albies)

For more info on the “dirty dozen” : http://www.organic.org/articles/showarticle/article-214

and http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary/