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Produce Wednesday WALMART

16 May

Today I made one stop to Walmart for some essentials since most of the grocery ads looked very bleak for this week 😦

That and I’ve been buying meat, household and H&B items for a couple of weeks now so I didn’t really need to buy much this week

TOTAL OOP: $18.49

I only used (2) .45/1 angel soft tp q’s and a $2 leftover gc balance (kellogg’s gas card)

The rest of the items I price matched (albies, el super and rancho market ads)

Hope everyone has a fantabulous week and happy shopping!!!


10 May

Today was the first day of the Fry’s mega event, Buy 10 save $4

I’m happy to say that everything on my list was in stock, even though I wasn’t able to get to the store until after 8:00 p.m.

TOTAL OOP: $39.84


I got back a $5 onyo & $2 onyo

Items Purchased & Coupons Used

4 lb bananas – 3lb/99¢ pm food city

1 bunch cilantro – 5/99¢ pm el super

1 lb tomatillos – 3lb/99¢ pm el super

24 pk pepsi – $2/1 pepsi multipack (q found in booklet @ fry’s)

5 cans tomato sauce – 5/$1 pm food city

3 barilla whole wheat pasta – .75/1 barilla pasta or sauce (q found @ walmart cs desk)

(2) 11 oz bottles lawry’s garlic salt – .50/1 lawry’s blends

2 bottles sunny d – no q (99¢ ea part of mega)

2 sargento ultra thin prov cheese slices – $1/1 sargento ut slices

3 bags ruffles ultimates – .55/1 ruffles (la voz q) only .99¢ ea after q

J & J baby shampoo – $1.25/1 fry’s catalina

1 half gal silk chocolate milk – .75/1 silk (sprouts q booklet)

3 jell-o 6 pks – $1.10/1 jello & .75/1 temptations (kraft book) got $2 onyo wyb 3

4 cases arrowhead water – $2/2 arrowhead (peelies) got back $5 onyo wyb 4

2 containers clorox wipes – $1.50/2 clorox wipes (booklet found @ fry’s)

2 loaves white bread – no q

2 bags Quakes rice snacks – .55/2 (peelies on every bag) .50 ea after q

Please keep in mind that if you’re not located in AZ, prices may vary

Fry’s equivalents: Kroger, king soopers, dillons, ralphs, smiths, city market


2 May


It’s Wednesday and that means new ads and oober cheap fruits & veggies

TOTAL OOP: $47.47

Some of you might be wondering why I’m spending more than I usually have in the past

My weekly budget for groceries (includes H&B and household items) is $50/wk for our family of 4

I used to spend around $30 a week

But since finding out about my health issues in January, I’ve made a conscious effort to eat healthier and purchase more

natural and organic food items for our family

I still use coupons but mostly for H&B and household items since produce and meat coupons are rare

Since I have a pretty good stockpile of household items, I’m finding myself not really using too many q’s

But still shopping the sales of course 😉

Just a heads up, while shopping at Sprouts today, I found a coupon booklet full of coupons (manuf q’s)

It was next to the ads right at the store entrance

It’s full of coupons for organic, gluten free, dairy free and natural foods

Below is a pic of the cover

There are also printable store q’s on Sprout’s website if you’re a Sprouts shopper

I do believe they can be combined with manufacturer coupons for even greater savings!!

Items Purchased & Coupons Used

2 seedless watermelons – 19¢/lb sprouts

organic kale – $1.29 sprouts

3 lb organic apples – 99¢/lb sprouts

organic bell peppers – $2.99/3 sprouts

6 lb bananas – 3lb/99¢ pm food city

2 lb tomatoes – 4lb/99¢ pm food city

3 mentos gum – .55/1 mentos (free @ fry’s)

4 simply oj (13.5 oz) – .50/1 simply (wags mag q)

59 oz Simply rasp lemonade – .50/1 simply

(2) 2 liter bottles dr pepper 10 – free dr pepper 10 fry’s cat

2.5 lb boneless chuck roast – no q $2.49/lb food city

4.5 lb 93% lean ground beef – no q $2.99/lb sprouts

2 packs bar s bacon – no q $1.97 ea limit 2 fry’s

(i still have farmer j bacon but it really flies in our fam so I got a few more…)

2 loaves nature’s own whole grain bread – sadly no q since I can’t print 😦 But I do believe the .75/1 nature’s own wg printable has reset

1 loaf white bread – no q, hubby doesn’t like the wheat/wg bread 😦

32 oz stoneyfield organic plain yogurt – free q (greenmomsmeet campaign)

2 cans las palmas green enchilada sauce – no q, but there is a $1/1 printable available on the manuf website (only 50¢ @ food city after q)

2 dozen large eggs – no q only 89¢ ea @ fry’s

12 cans casa fiesta beans – $1/2 casa fiesta (free w/q @ food city or albies)

As you can see it really stinks when you can’t print coupons because lately it seems like all the good/high value coupons are printables

Unfortunately my computer went AWOL and I have to wait until I can purchase a new computer to start printing again…AAAHHHH!!!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week 🙂

Belated Produce Wednesday Post

27 Apr

Instead of grocery shopping on Wednesday like I usually do

I went shopping on Tuesday because I wasn’t going to be able to get to the store that day

So these items coincide with last week’s specials…not much help for this week but I’ll post pics and a few details

Just in case the sale continues this week or you got a raincheck 😉



Total OOP: $32.XX

The dawn dish soap continues to be $1 this week @ fry’s/kroger, so free if you use the .25/1 or .50/1 dawn q AND if your store doubles/makes all q’s $1 (which they do @ fry’s here in AZ)

Organic apples continue to be 99¢/lb this week @ Sprouts

and broccoli is 2lb/99¢ @ EL Super I believe or PM @ walmart

If you got a raincheck for the 13.5 oz Simply juice, I just found out last week that the new Wags diabetes mag ALSO has the .50/1 simply coupon in it and that q doesn’t expire until 6/30/12

So a great time to head to your local Wags to pick up some of these q’s

Single bottles of Simply juices go on sale for $1 quite often @ Fry’s/kroger and Safeway

Yay for more free juice!!!

One last bit of great news ;0)

Yesterday I received my $50 target gift card from tmobile for winning in their “shop n shuffle” game

I was totally surprised because I thought it wouldn’t be mailed out until after the game’s conclusion in mid May

So if you’re a Tmobile customer, I suggest giving it a try!!

Who couldn’t use free $$$??


My 3 yo kiddo jumped from a size 3 in clothes to a size 5 over night so it didn’t take long for me to decide what I was going to do with those $50

I stopped by Target today and purchased her summer wardrobe!!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

I’ll be posting a chicken recipe on Monday

and will hopefully get to downloading those party pics as well 🙂


19 Apr

WooHoo!!! It’s produce Wednesday!

Today I made a trip to Fry’s and Walmart

I planned on going to Sprouts as well for oober cheap seedless watermelon

But my 3 yo was not having it…some helpful advice, NEVER go shopping with a toddler who hasn’t had their nap 😦



4 dawn dish liquid – .50/1 dawn (orgullosa booklet sis gave me, thx sis!!)

2 shamrock red fat milk – .25/1 shamrock peelie + 40% off sale (79¢ milk!)

1 lb shamrock sour cream – .50/1 shamrock sc

2 liter pepsi next – free fry’s eq

(6) 12 oz pks fj bacon – $1/1 fj bacon + $1/$10 meat fry’s eq

1 lb kroger shredded cheese – no q

6 single rolls paper towels – no q (pm pros 39¢ ea)

50 ct plates – no q (pm pros $1)

2 cantelopes – no q (98¢ ea walmart)

3.5 lb bananas – no q (pm pros 3lb/99¢)

2 yams – no q (pm pros 3lb/99¢)

6 kiwis – no q (pm pros 6/$1)

2 onions (pm pros 6lb/99¢)

$1/1 floral fry’s eq came off my order as well even though I didn’t purchase anything from the floral dept

Not surprised though…same thing happened the last time fry’s put out this coupon 🙂

Hope the rest of your week is fantabulous!!!!


29 Feb

I ♥ getting produce on Wednesdays!!

Super great prices on produce w/o using a single coupon 🙂

TOTAL OOP: $8.67

Oranges were 8lb for 98¢…WOW!!

Oh and the white bag is 3 lb of white rice for stir fry YUM

I’m making posole tomorrow hence the radishes, limes and cabbage

I’ll post pics after I finish making it 🙂

$20 Shopping Trip

17 Jan

After a week and a half of being sick I finally decided to brave the grocery stores to make a much needed trip for fruits/veggies & bread

Both my upright & chest freezers are stocked with chicken, ground beef & all kinds of meats


I stocked up on milk and eggs the week before I got sick

So it was nice to not have to worry about going grocery shopping for a while

However, this trip was a tad different due to recent events (diagnosis of pre-diabetes)

I have been procrastinating when it comes to my health & unfortunately it has caught up to me 😦

The doc told me that if I want to nip it in the butt before it becomes full blown diabetes, I need to make drastic lifestyle changes

…including food choices, exercise and weight loss!

Of course there’s this huge “myth” out there that people who coupon ONLY buy junk food and there are NO coupons out there for “healthy” foods…

Well after a year of “hardcore” couponing I have to say that’s absolutely untrue!!

Yes it is a tad more difficult to spot coupons for “healthy” foods but there are also a ton of other places you can get these coupons besides inserts & online printable sites

You can write a letter/email to companies asking for coupons. Many times companies are more than happy to send you coupons for free product or discount

You can also visit that company’s website/fb page

Sometimes they will have some sort of online coupon to print

You can also join groups that offer samplings & coupons for “healthy” or organic products i.e. greenmomsmeet

Also, places like recyclebank & mambo sprouts offer some good coupons for “healthier” foods from time to time

And if you just can’t find a coupon for a specific item, use that coupon overage to buy these items 🙂

Here’s what I got on this trip

TOTAL OOP: $20.16


Please keep in mind that I still have to grocery shop for my entire family not just myself so I did get items that aren’t all that good for you lol

Items Purchased & Coupons Used

3 lb of bananas – no q

2.5 lb red apples – no q

1 eggplant – no q but pm el super (2lb/99¢)

1 lb broccoli – no q but pm el super (2lb/99¢)

4 cucumbers – no q but pm food city (9 for 99¢)

2 lb large tomatoes – no q but pm pros (4lb/99¢)

1 lb strawberries – no q but pm pros (89¢)

1 box hot pockets – $1/1 hot pockets (fry’s catalina) & pm albies 3/$5

3 powerades – .50/1 powerade (fry’s catalina) & pm safeway 69¢

2 rayovac flashlights – $1/1 rayovac flashlights

1 reach floss – $1/1 reach

1 tube hydrocortizone cream – no q

2 (16 oz) tubs of shamrock lowfat cottage cheese – 50¢/2 shamrock

2 boxes whole grain barilla pasta – .50/2 barilla whole grain

1 bottle J & J head to toe wash – $1/1 j & j

1 tube chapstick medicated – .25/1 chapstick

2 pouches starkist tuna – .50/1

1 single shamrock chocolate milk (keep kiddo happy) – .25/1 shamrock peelie

2 (12 oz) packs bar-s bacon – no q

1 pepporoni & roasted garlic private select pizza – free ps fry’s q (thanks sis!)

1 bottle wp organic coffee – $1/1 wp coffee (ugh wish I had brought more of these q’s w/me)

2 (6pks) Zevia soda – free zevia qs (moms ambassador)

1 box MP mac n cheese – free with $1/1 target q

1 loaf MP white bread – no q

1 loaf Nature’s Pride whole wheat bread – no q

8 oz bag low fat mozarella cheese – $1/1 mp cheese target q

2 (4 pks) activia light yogurt – $1/1 activia + $2/2 activia target q

Tomorrow I’m making an eggplant lasagna which looked really yummy online

I’ll let you know if it tasted as good as it looked!!