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Belated Produce Wednesday Post

27 Apr

Instead of grocery shopping on Wednesday like I usually do

I went shopping on Tuesday because I wasn’t going to be able to get to the store that day

So these items coincide with last week’s specials…not much help for this week but I’ll post pics and a few details

Just in case the sale continues this week or you got a raincheck 😉



Total OOP: $32.XX

The dawn dish soap continues to be $1 this week @ fry’s/kroger, so free if you use the .25/1 or .50/1 dawn q AND if your store doubles/makes all q’s $1 (which they do @ fry’s here in AZ)

Organic apples continue to be 99¢/lb this week @ Sprouts

and broccoli is 2lb/99¢ @ EL Super I believe or PM @ walmart

If you got a raincheck for the 13.5 oz Simply juice, I just found out last week that the new Wags diabetes mag ALSO has the .50/1 simply coupon in it and that q doesn’t expire until 6/30/12

So a great time to head to your local Wags to pick up some of these q’s

Single bottles of Simply juices go on sale for $1 quite often @ Fry’s/kroger and Safeway

Yay for more free juice!!!

One last bit of great news ;0)

Yesterday I received my $50 target gift card from tmobile for winning in their “shop n shuffle” game

I was totally surprised because I thought it wouldn’t be mailed out until after the game’s conclusion in mid May

So if you’re a Tmobile customer, I suggest giving it a try!!

Who couldn’t use free $$$??


My 3 yo kiddo jumped from a size 3 in clothes to a size 5 over night so it didn’t take long for me to decide what I was going to do with those $50

I stopped by Target today and purchased her summer wardrobe!!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

I’ll be posting a chicken recipe on Monday

and will hopefully get to downloading those party pics as well 🙂

CVS — Rolling ECBs & Cash Card

19 Feb

Stopped by @ CVS today to roll over my $5 ecb I received for completing a CVS survey

I also received a $5 cvs gift card in the mail for having a “heart to heart” with my CVS pharmacist in honor of February being national heart month


I had a $10 CVS cash card from last week for doing the baby lips deal


a $5/$30 CVS q that was emailed to me


a coupon for a free nivea tin

WOAH!!! Talk about feeling the ♥ from CVS!!

This is the scenerio I did to get the most bang for my CVS $$$

 10 garnier stylers – $2.99 x 10= $29.90

1 nivea tin – 99¢

Total: $30.89 + tax

Handed the cashier my $5/$30 cvs q, then the free nivea q, followed by (10) $1/1 garnier stylers mq and my $5 ecb

Paid the remaining balance with my $5 cvs gift card and the $10 cvs cash card

I was left with a $3.xx remaining balance on my cash card and got back another $10 cvs cash card since the garnier stylers are part of the wyb $30 get a $10 cash card deal

I ended up paying $0.00  OOP for these and have a $13.xx cash card balance to use next week!!

YAY for freebies 🙂

Fry’s Mega & Price Matching @ Walmart

25 Jan

Today was the 1st day of fry’s Mega sale and I was lucky in that hubby had the day off soooo off we went to see what we could find 🙂

FRY’S Items Purchased & Q’s Used

6 kleenex – .50/1 kleenex cool touch & $1/3 kleenex (got back $1.50 ONYO)

(2) welch’s essentials – .75/1 welch’s essentials

(3) edge shave gels – .55/1 edge

(3) fruity pebbles – .55/1 fruity pebbles (watch these q’s because they don’t auto double @ fry’s)

(2) grape nuts flakes cereal – $1/1 grape nuts flakes

1 uncle ben’s rice – $1/1 uncle ben’s cat printed @ fry’s

(2) 16 slice kraft cheese – .55/2 kraft

1 gallon kroger orange juice – no q but part of mega @ $2.99

(2) 4 pks activia – $1/1 activia (cat did not print wyb 2, oh well)

(1) pine cleaner – .25/1 printable

(5) breathe right – $1.50/1 breathe right (.50 overage on each)

TOTAL: $14.54 (used fry’s gc given to me for the excedrin)

OOP: $0.00

WALMART Price Matching

3 lb bananas – 3lb/99¢ pros

1.5 lb green seedless grapes – 97¢/lb albies

5 avacados – 5/.99 pros

1 doz large eggs – $1 albies

10 lb bag potatoes – $1.99 pros

32 oz jar strawberry preserves – no pm

TOTAL OOP: $8.67

My total for everything was $23.21

Thanks to the fry’s gift card I received for returning the recalled excedrin, I paid $O @ fry’s & have a $1.50 ONYO for next time 🙂


13 Dec

I was printing a very good coupon when BAM!! Out comes the paper with a half printed bar code…UGH!

HATE when that happens 😦

That little light did warn me last week, but I always like to play chicken with my ink cartridge lol

So off I went to get my ink at wally’s only to discover that my ink cartridge had gone up in price!

YIKES!!! It seems like EVERYTHING is going up in price now 😦

Luckily, I hadn’t used my $10 AMEX gc I got this weekend doing the CVS deal so it came in handy!

Then I stopped by @ fry’s because my hot pocket $1/1 q’s came in the mail today from a fellow *freaper 🙂


(2) rolls of bounty basic paper towels (not pictured) – $1/2 bounty any sz (pampers book)

(1) hp ink cartridge (for more q printing!) – used $10 AMEX gc to bring price down

(1) lysol disinfecting wipes – $1/1 lysol disinfecting wipes (q found on a  shelf @ wally’s a while back)

(1) box nonni’s biscotti – Free q

(4) boxes hot pockets – $1/1 hotpockets (tear pad q’s)

(2) gal milk – 10% fry’s ecoupon on dairy came off one gal

(1) can of mighty dog wet food – free q (came inside my 20 bag of purina little bites dog food)

(2) loaves of bread – no q

(1) kandoo hand soap – free q

(1) kandoo tub of wipes – free q

I can honestly say that I don’t remember signing up for anything that involved free kandoo q’s but it was a welcome surprise since my 2 year old has been potty training for a few weeks now

TOTAL OOP: $15.69

Not a “grand” great trip but that $10 gc helped out a lot since my ink cartridge alone would have cost $15 ouch!

*thecentsableshoppin.com term for free + cheap


11 Dec

Stopped by at CVS today to do the vitamin & nescafe MM deal & it went smooth as always!! As an added bonus, my free nescafe coffee coupon scanned at full value!


2 centrum pronutrient vitamins @ $9.99 ea

1 Nescafe coffee @ $6.99

1 Reese’s bag @ $2.50

Box of M & Ms (kiddos picked to eat the overage lol)

Total: $31.14

Used: nescafe free q (nescafe football party q) which scanned @ $10.99

(2) $7/1 pronutrients

(1) $5/1 pronutrients cvs q (scanner machine)

TOTAL OOP: $3.22 & got back a $10 AMEX gift card & $1 ECB for the green bag tag


18 lb bag of DOG FOOD — 83¢

11 Aug

Just one more reason to ♥ being a member of the Coffeemate Brew Crew!

This week I received another $10 gift card from Coffeemate for participating in online activities as a member of their Brew Crew. I redeemed my points for a $10 Wally’s e-gift card and used it & the $2 balance left on a previous gift card from brew crew to purchase an 18 lb bag of dog food for my pooch since he was all out of dry dog food. I made the purchase online & picked it up @ the store today…easy peasy!

   My total OOP: A whopping 83¢