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9 Jul

This week’s Fresh and Easy AZ ad (7/11 – 7/17) has 80/20 Ground Beef  advertised for $1.99/lb!!!

(sold in a 2 lb pack, $3.98 ea LIMIT 2)

I haven’t seen 80% lean ground beef under $2/lb in a LONG time

Boneless Skinless Chicken is also in the ad for $1.99/lb

You can use the $5/$25 fresh & easy in ad coupon to stock up on chicken and beef this week!!

Buy 9 lb of bs chicken @ $1.99/lb: $17.91

Buy (2) 2 lb packs of 80% ground beef @ $3.98/pk: $7.96

Total: $25.87 minus $5/$25 F & E coupon

$20.87 for 13 lb of chicken & beef or $1.61/lb

At this price, I plan on stocking up!!

*Belated* PRODUCE WEDNESDAY Sprouts, Walmart, Fry’s

5 Jul

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday!!

Seeing as yesterday was a holiday, I postponed my Produce Wednesday post but I did go grocery shopping at Walmart, Fry’s & Sprouts

Fry’s: $1.23

Sprouts & Walmart: $39.95

TOTAL OOP: $41.18



Earthbound Farms organic celery – 75¢ ebf (54¢ sprouts)

16 oz Driscoll’s organic strawberries – $1/1 driscoll’s IP ($1.99 Sprouts)

9 cucumbers – 9/99¢ (pm food city)

5 mangos – 5/99¢ (pm food city)

3 lb bananas – 3 lb/99¢ (pm el super)

1.5 lb white onions – 5 lb/$1 (pm food city)

1 lb green chiles – 2 lb/99¢ (pm food city)

1 bottle Klass chile powder – $1.50 no q

1 lb roma tomatoes – 2 lb/99¢ (pm el super)

1 seedless watermelon – $1.77 (pm safeway)

1 gallon milk – $1.57 (pm safeway)

6 pack zevia soda – $3/1 zevia (99¢ sprouts)

4.5 lb 100% organic grass fed ground beef – ($4.99/lb Sprouts)

5 lb boneless skinless chicken – $1.99/lb Sprouts

3 haas avacados – 3/$1 sprouts

Used $5/$40 Sprouts coupon (recyclebank.com)

received 10¢ off for using 2 reusable grocery bags @ Sprouts

100 ct bag kroger cotton balls – 99¢ (fry’s)

4 pc strainer set – $2.24 (fry’s)

32 oz blue diamond almond milk – $1/1 almond breeze blinkie ($1.49 fry’s)

2 airwick flip n fresh – $2/2 airwick IP (49¢ ea fry’s closeout)

2 bottles Sambazon organic juice – $1.50/1 sambazon IP (free fry’s)

2 loaves of fry’s brand bread – BOGO fry’s ecoupon ($1.25 for two)

25¢ eprize came off from the P & G game

Used a $2 daytona onyo & a $4 safeway onyo (post pebbles cat)

I will be posting a delicious dessert recipe tomorrow which includes the almond milk & bananas I purchased on this trip 🙂



19 Mar

I know, I know lol

I just can’t seem to stay away from Safeway

It’s truly a ♥, hate relationship 😉

But I couldn’t pass up 12¢ fruit snacks & I ran out of ground beef 😦

I had a $5 off $15 coupon & a $2.50 ONYO that printed out on my last trip (shown here)

Used these 2 q’s to get everything pictured for:

$5.09 OOP

And everything went super smooth @ checkout!! YAY!!!


6 simply lemonades (2 trans) – .50/1 simply

1 o organic tea – $1/1 o organic

4 ocean spray fruit snacks – .50/1 os

4 lb 93% lean ground beef – used $5/$15 + $2.50 ONYO

PREVIEW >>Pumpkin & Ground beef/Potato Empanada Recipe

21 Nov

Here’s a sneek peek @ pics of my homemade pumpkin empanadas & also my ground beef & potato empanadas…dinner & dessert! YUMMO!!!!

I will post the recipe for both tomorrow morning…kinda tired from being in the kitchen all day LOL


Ground beef & Potato with toppings 🙂


2 Oct

Early this morning, Hubby got up & headed to the dollar store to get my Sunday newspapers!

When he got back he was all excited, “Guess what? All the papers I got had the 5 inserts you wanted!”


I wasn’t hopeful that the Playskool insert would be in the paper & sure enough it wasn’t so I wasn’t disappointed since I had already forewarned hubby that it probably wouldn’t be in there 🙂

So I got to clipping the $8/2 covergirl q’s & the suave BOGOs and put together my q’s for a fry’s/TJ trip

However I wasn’t really in the mood for getting ready & going shopping…tons of laundry to do!

So I asked hubby if he wouldn’t mind doing the trip for me if I wrote a list out of what q’s to use & items to buy…His answer: NO WAY!

So I sweetened the deal: 30 min massage tonight before bed??…BINGO!!

He happily agreed and even took our girls with him!!

1 and a half hours & 5 phone calls later haha, he gets home with all the items pictured and only paid

$4.46 OOP!!

He did very well!! Even if he did call me every 20 mins hahaha


(4) suave for kids shampoos – (2) .50/1 (recyclebank) & (2) BOGO

(2) clorox2 pens – (2) $1.50 clorox2 (printable)

(1) 30 ct Hefty trash bags – $1/1 any hefty (peelie)

(1) transformers action figure – $5/1 transformers (mq) + $5/1 transformers target mobile q

(2) carmex – (2) .30/1 carmex

(4) covergirl blush – (2) $8/2 covergirl face product

(4) covergirl sponges – (2) $8/2 covergirl face product

(1) whisker lickins – $1/1 target q

(1) loaf fry’s bread

(2) doz fry’s large eggs – no q, used overage

(1) 3 lb chub 85/15 ground beef – no q, used overage

$5/$35 fry’s purchase e-coupon

Target gift card ($2.98 balance on it) free from Denizen on FB

Hubby’s on a roll today!! He did great so I may give him an hour massage instead LOL

Cooking Is Dandy With SANDY

23 Sep

Another Friday means another recipe

This week’s recipe: TACOS


I made ground beef and potato tacos with all the toppings YUM 🙂

Servings 4-6


1-1.5 lb 80% or higher lean ground beef

4 med/large potatoes



garlic powder

onion powder

corn tortillas

vegetable oil

1/4 head of lettuce

8 oz cheddar cheese

3 roma tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes

2 fresh avacados or premade guacamole (I use wholly guacamole)

salsa (I use premade that I’ve frozen, will list recipe in another edition of Cooking Is Dandy with Sandy)



2 pans

cheese grater (if cheese isn’t pre-shredded)



potato peeler

cutting board

2 mixing bowls


paper towels




  1. Peel and wash potatoes
  2. Dice potatoes into small thin squares
  3. Place pan on stove, turn stove on to low-med heat and add 4 TBSP veg oil (allow to warm up)
  4. Add potatoes and season with salt (place lid on pan)
  5. Turn potatoes over frequently with spatula so they don’t burn and cook thoroughly (they will be soft when done) This will be in ~20 min.
  6. Place ground beef in bowl. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder & onion powder to taste. Mix
  7. Just before potatoes are done cooking, add ground beef to the pan and cook until ground beef is cooked thoroughly (browned) ~10 min.
  8. Remove pan from heat and set aside
  9. Place other pan on stove on low heat and add 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  10. Layer 3 paper towels on top of each other and place on the plate and in the bowl
  11. Use tongs to grab a corn tortilla and deep fry it in the pan for ~2 seconds on each side of the tortilla then place the tortilla on the plate with the paper towels to absorb some of the oil
  12. Place 4 TBSP ground beef & potatoes in the tortilla and close it up like a taco. Place a toothpick through both sides of the taco in the center to keep the GB & potato from falling out
  13. With your tongs, place the taco back in the oil pan and deep fry each side for ~1 min or until golden brown and crisp
  14. Place the taco in the bowl with the paper towels to absorb excess oil
  15. Repeat steps 11-14 until you make the desired amount of tacos
  16. Turn off stove when finished
  17. Wash lettuce & tomatoes
  18. Cut lettuce into thin strips, dice tomatoes into small cubes, peel, core and dice avacados into small slices (if using fresh avacados)
  19. Shred cheese if not preshredded
  20. Remove toothpicks from tacos and serve (don’t want people choking on toothpicks lol)
  21. Guests/family can add the desired toppings to tacos (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, salsa & guacamole/avacados)


Hubby doesn’t like his tacos deep fried so I just deep fry the tortilla a little bit and add the ground beef and toppings so if you’re like hubby, you can skip all that deep frying too 😉

I on the other hand don’t mind a good deep fried taco LOL

Disclaimer: Only adults should be making this recipe as it involves handling/using a knife, stove and hot food. I am NOT responsible for injury, illness or death as a result of consuming or preparing this recipe…Sorry, but I have to throw this in here since now a days everything seems to need a disclaimer.



2 Sep


In honor of Labor Day weekend this edition of Cooking is Dandy with Sandy will revolve around easy to make BBQ type foods/snacks

Today’s recipe: NACHOS!!!

No, not the melted cheese and tortilla chip nachos. This is more of a 7 layer nachos recipe 🙂

Servings: 6-8


2 bags of corn tortilla chips (10-12 oz bags)

2 pounds ground beef

1 pound pinto beans (or you can use canned refried beans~ 2 cans)

4 avacados (or you can use premade guacamole, wholly guac is pretty good)

4 roma or 2 large tomatoes

1 pound colby jack or chedder cheese

1 jar/can of jalapeno nacho slices

3 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

16 oz sour cream (if making guacamole from scratch)

1 tsp garlic salt

1 tsp onion powder

1/4 cup vegetable oil (if making refried beans from scratch)




Blender/food processor


cheese grater

stew pot with lid



cutting board

colander (if making refried beans from scratch)

sauce pan

bean masher (if making refried beans from scratch)


  1. Season ground beef with 1 tsp salt & pepper
  2. Turn stove on to medium heat
  3. Place pan on stove and add ground beef
  4. Cook ground beef for 10 min or until completely brown
  5. Turn stove off & set pan aside
  6. Skip steps 7-20 if you are using canned refried beans and follow heating directions on can
  7. Clean your pinto beans (remove debris that may be in the beans)
  8. Place beans in colander and rinse in water
  9. Add beans and 2 tsp salt into stew pot
  10. Add enough water to your pot to completely submerge beans
  11. Turn stove on to medium high heat and place pot on stove
  12. Cover pot with lid
  13. Allow beans to cook for 2 hours. If boiling over, reduce heat & check your beans continuously. If the water is running low, add hot water to your beans to completely submerge beans once again (otherwise you’ll have burnt dried out beans!)
  14. You’ll know your beans are fully cooked when they are soft (~2 hours)
  15. Set aside and place sauce pan on stove
  16. Add 1/4 cup of vegetable oil to your pan and allow to warm up
  17. With a large spoon add pinto beans with their water into the pan (WARNING: oil will most likely jump up due to the water in the beans so back away when doing this to prevent burning yourself with hot oil)
  18. If your beans don’t have a lot of water left in them, you may add 1/2 cup hot water to prevent beans from coming out too dry. Add 1 tsp salt as well.
  19. Mash beans with masher until they are an almost liquid consistancy
  20. Allow beans to boil, then turn off stove and set aside
  21. Skip steps 22- 25 if you are using premade guacamole like wholly guacamole
  22. Dice your avacados in half and core
  23. With a spoon, scoop the avacado out and place in your blender or food processor
  24. Add your sour cream, garlic salt, onion powder and salt to the avacado and mix together
  25. Turn on blender/processor and blend until all ingredients are completely mixed together
  26. Pour your guacamole into a bowl
  27. Shred the cheese if not preshredded
  28. Wash & dice your tomatoes into small pieces
  29. Open your bags of chips and place ~ 2 handfuls of chips into a bowl
  30. Add 1/4 cup or 1 large spoonful of beans over your chips
  31. Then add 1/4 cup or 1 large spoonful of ground beef over the beans
  32. Add your guacamole next (2 tsp)
  33. Add 2 tsp of diced tomatoes
  34. Lastly, sprinkle ~ 2 tsp shredded cheese
  35. Add jalapeno slices (optional) My kiddos obviously won’t be getting any of these on their nachos 😉


Makes a great alternative to just plain chips and liquid cheese—NOT that those aren’t yummy too 😉

Stay tuned…I might post more Labor Day goodies since the weekend will be long and full of yummy food!!!

Disclaimer: Only adults should be making this recipe as it involves handling/using a knife, stove and hot food. I am NOT responsible for injury, illness or death as a result of consuming or preparing this recipe…Sorry, but I have to throw this in here since now a days everything seems to need a disclaimer.