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9 Jul

This week’s Fresh and Easy AZ ad (7/11 – 7/17) has 80/20 Ground Beef  advertised for $1.99/lb!!!

(sold in a 2 lb pack, $3.98 ea LIMIT 2)

I haven’t seen 80% lean ground beef under $2/lb in a LONG time

Boneless Skinless Chicken is also in the ad for $1.99/lb

You can use the $5/$25 fresh & easy in ad coupon to stock up on chicken and beef this week!!

Buy 9 lb of bs chicken @ $1.99/lb: $17.91

Buy (2) 2 lb packs of 80% ground beef @ $3.98/pk: $7.96

Total: $25.87 minus $5/$25 F & E coupon

$20.87 for 13 lb of chicken & beef or $1.61/lb

At this price, I plan on stocking up!!